Sometimes, you just have to follow your gut…

Published November 14, 2012 by jessicalynndunning

All the doctors and nurses at the hospital, and the lactation nurse, and her pediatrician, said to feed her every two hours, even if it meant waking her up to eat. Well, what yesterday taught me was that waking her up to feed only accomplished getting her five minutes worth of milk, and then a sleeping baby and a very frustrated mommy. This was followed by a ticked off baby who, twenty minutes later, was actually hungry, but had a frustrated mommy to contend with. Vicious cycle much?

So last night around 7:30, she woke up and I fed her. And then, in defeat, I lay her on the bed next to me and waited for her to start screaming again. I had David pop a movie in the DVD player so I could be entertained for the twenty minutes at a time that she would actually be quiet. I was all set to be all melodramatic about her not letting me sleep, and crying, and whining at her while she was eating. What I got was her crying….during the end credits of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Um…what?

So I fed her again, and David changed her diaper, and then brought her back in to me, and I settled in with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, ready for more crying in twenty minutes, and more frustration. This time the end credits were over and it was on the special features menu when she woke me up. Hmmm…I am sensing some sort of pattern here…like maybe if I just feed her when she wakes up instead of disturbing her sleep, we’ll both have an easier time at this, and we’ll both experience less frustration, and, dare I say it, we’ll both get more sleep.

I took another nap, fed her at 3 when she woke up, then David and I both went to bed. She didn’t wake up again until 7, and then 10, and then nearly 2:30. And we slept until 2:30, because we were both exhausted. This system works much better for all of us. David may actually be able to function when he goes back to work on Monday. What a novel concept!

So, sometimes it becomes absolutely necessary to ignore what “everyone” is telling you, and do what your baby is telling you. After all, she is the most important person in the whole equation.


One comment on “Sometimes, you just have to follow your gut…

  • Very true Jess!
    I am unsure of this waking the baby after 2 hours stuff. I nor anyone I know who has a child above the age of 2ish, has ever been told this. I was told to feed the baby when she was hungry, she’ll let you know. As long as she is thriving, she is fine!
    Cailyn only fed every 3-4 hours. She was the same as Briana, when she was ready she was ready. If she wasn’t, well…she wasn’t. I did have to wake her some, but I don’t remember doing that after the first week. Every child is different and works on a different cycle. It’s about knowing your child, and their cycle.
    If Briana only wants to eat every 2.5 or 3 hours, let her. Good for you listening to your mama insincts!

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