Daddy’s Going Back To Work

Published November 18, 2012 by jessicalynndunning

Tomorrow, David is headed back to work, and I will be on my own from about 6:40AM until about 4:15PM five days a week. I am not going to lie…this seems kind of overwhelming. I have gotten quite used to having David around to shoulder a lot of the load.

He changes most of the diapers during the day so I can sleep when she isn’t hungry, and he is great about keeping a close eye on me and sending me to bed or to get something to eat or drink, because he knows I forget to worry about me. He holds her while I get ready to feed her so she doesn’t get impatient and fussy, and holds her so I can get a nice long shower without worrying about Briana.

So what is a mom to do when her star helper is suddenly absent 9 hours a day, and will actually have to sleep at night instead of helping her with the baby? Yikes…the thought is enough to make me cry.

I wish he could stay home just one more week, but we simply can’t afford for him to miss more work. He used all of his personal time, what was left of his vacation time, and most of his sick time to stay home for these past two weeks.

Anyway…there will probably be a lot more MISadventures now that I will be on my own for a lot if the day. David is better at the diaper changing thing and the burping thing. I am mainly good at the feeding and snuggling and kissing baby’s face things. It’s not that I can’t do those other things, it’s just that I have had David around to do them most of the time for the last two weeks, and have taken shameless advantage of that knowing that it would all be on me starting tomorrow. I have probably changed 1 diaper for every 5 that David has…shame on me! 😉

So, wish me luck, dear readers. We will see if I survive the first five days of David not being home.

New Mommy On Her Own


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