Day 1 Status: We Survived

Published November 19, 2012 by jessicalynndunning

Last night was a very rough one for Briana and me. She started crying around 12:30 and didn’t quit until after 5AM. I fed her at one o’clock, and she was hungry again at two and three, and again at four fifteen. She attacked each meal as if she hadn’t had anything to eat for four or five hours. I think she must be going through a growth spurt or something.

At four we accidentally woke up daddy…mainly because I was crying almost as loudly as she was, at my wits end because I had done everything I could think of and she was still fussy and upset. David took her and changed her diaper for the umpteenth time (ten minutes after her last diaper change), and then I fed her again.

She fussed for quite a while longer. It was nearly six when I was finally able to lay down and sleep. Whew! Made it!

David left for work, kissing both his sleeping daughter and sleepy wife on the forehead, and then Briana and I slept until about 8, when she decided it was time for breakfast. 🙂 Always the hungry child.

I fed her and then tucked her into bed with me, dozing until she was hungry at 10:30. David came home on his lunch today, and I felt bad because I slept pretty much the whole time he was here. The plan had been for Briana and me to visit him at work today some time after his lunch, but he said he was working in the back so he wouldn’t be able to visit with us. He also told me he may have to work late, but luckily that didn’t end up happening.

Briana and I didn’t actually get out of bed until almost two, but I was talking to her and kissing her pretty little face earlier than that. I know I should get up earlier and try to get her days and nights straightened out, but it’s so hard when I am not getting sleep at night to feel motivated to get up AND try to keep her awake.

How do you keep a sleepy newborn awake anyway? This child falls asleep during meals and diaper changes! I have done the most annoying things I can think of and she still snoozes on. The doctors only advice was “keep her awake during the day as much as you can and her sleep schedule will eventually straighten itself out.” Anyone here have some better advice for me? Or ideas on how to keep her awake?

We will see how tonight goes. Wish me luck!

Still a New Mommy



5 comments on “Day 1 Status: We Survived

  • I remember those days and not fondly. Mine didn’t sleep during the day either. Trust me. It doesn’t make any difference. I went to sleep school here and they told me that it is actually better to let them sleep during the day. Sleep promotes sleep they say. My bubs suffered from reflux at night and I found that putting a blanket or something under one end of the mattress to raise it a little so that they were on an angle helped. It just meant that their heads were a little raised which helped settle the reflux. You coud try the cholic solutions too and see if it brings relief. It really does get easier though. It may seem like you will never sleep again, but you will one day. Just follow your heart and do what feels right for you. Good luck!

  • You will make it! And there is nothing wrong with a new mother staying in bed until 2pm! Enjoy it, and let yourself recuperate! (Plus, if you’re nursing, you need 11 hours of sleep every day. So get them and don’t feel bad.)

  • I don’t really have any advice here….I too found that hard. Just wanted to say, that it will get better. It may not seem like it now, but it does. Once it does, just like childbirth…you don’t forget but you do look back and think how short a time it was.
    At about Briana’s age for an entire month Cailyn screamed for 2-3 hours straight, nothing and I mean nothing would help her. It was the most long, exhausting, heartbreaking time…but now, close to 9 years later…it seems like it was such a short time

    Hang in there girl. You can do it! Hopefully, Briana will go the same route Cailyn did….after that month of screaming (which was about 2-3 weeks old until she was just over a month) she started sleeping through the night at 3 months.

    Pixies for you and Briana!

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