Day 3 Without Daddy: Not Over Yet…but going well!

Published November 21, 2012 by jessicalynndunning

I don’t know what happened! I didn’t do anything differently, or try anything new. She just settled in and slept. I fed her at about 1:00, and she fell asleep at 1:30. David and I got into bed, and I commented to him that I probably would get about half an hour of sleep before she started screaming. We kind of laughed in a resigned sort of way, and then we were both out like lights.

I woke up at 2:30 and checked on her. She was sound asleep. Hmmm…I was surprised, but I wasn’t going to mess with a good thing! So I went back to sleep…and proceeded to wake up every half hour or so, wondering if she was still breathing. She slept until 4:30! And then, since I was awake before she was, I was able to feed her before she had worked herself up to a screaming fit, and she had a wonderfully easy feeding. I changed her diaper, burped her, and didn’t even have to rock her. She fell asleep in the middle of a giant (and kind of gross) burp. How does one manage to fall asleep in the middle of a burp anyway?
She was asleep again by 5AM, and I was asleep again before 5:15.

Hallelujah for small favors. Or rather, big ones. After one night of good sleep, I feel SO much better.

Before we got to the whole getting into bed portion of the evening, I was talking to my husband about whether or not I was going to keep breastfeeding. I asked him what he thought I should do, and he said it was completely up to me. “They’re your boobs, honey.” He asked me what I thought.

Surprisingly, I felt very torn. The frustrating night feeding sessions had me at my wits end. But when I was feeding her during the day yesterday, and she was looking up at me with those beautiful big eyes of hers, and her hand wrapped around one of my fingers, my heart just melted, and I understood why people say that breastfeeding is such a great bonding experience. I told David that during the day, breastfeeding wasn’t bad, at least when she latched on properly. It was nighttime feedings that were so hard, that made me dread feeding her. Maybe it is just because we are both so sleepy when I try to feed her at night that we both have such a difficult time.

David suggested I stick with breastfeeding for at least one more week and see how I feel about it then. I think that’s a good suggestion. In the meantime, I will try not to complain about breastfeeding so much. I can’t promise I won’t vent after a particularly frustrating session, though. šŸ˜› At least I know she is getting enough to eat…I pumped yesterday just to see how much she was getting, and she is getting quite a lot. One thing the lactation nurse said at the hospital (to David) was “You chose a good mate. This woman is built for breastfeeding!” Haha…The strangest compliment to my breasts I’ve ever received, but certainly in better taste than most things I’ve heard shouted at me when I’m walking down the street.

Anyway, Briana is sleeping peacefully here, much less fussy than yesterday. We were actually awake to greet Daddy when he came home on his lunch! What an amazing thing.

Thanks for all the encouragement you guys have been giving me. I never thought my blog would be a place that I went to get help. You are all awesome. šŸ™‚

This is the picture I put on her birth announcements that I ordered yesterday. I’m so excited to be able to mail them out!


3 comments on “Day 3 Without Daddy: Not Over Yet…but going well!

  • Yay! I am so glad you got some sleep and it helped with your clarity and sanity! LOL

    Although Davids answer was funny, and pretty typical for a male (They’re your boobs! HAHAHA!) I think he gave a great suggestion about waiting a week and seeing how you feel. If at that point you still are waivering, can you breastfeed during the day and pump for at night?

    Great pic of Briana for the announcements though, you know I am partial to the black & white photo of you two. ā¤

    I have really enjoyed your writings and am glad you started this. Also glad it has helped you too.

  • You will get through this. I can’t say breastfeeding is a picnic at first (it’s really not, but it does get better), but eventually the baby gets used to it and so do you. Maybe you are a bit too stressed, and Briana is picking up on that? I know we had some of that, too. Is there someone who can come over and help you out and/or give you a massage while you nurse? Also I heard that you should drink a cup of something when you start nursing, and that helps. It never helped my milk, but maybe they say it helps because it calms you down a bit.

    Don’t give up, breast really is best, and you can certainly do it. šŸ™‚ I find it interesting that the nighttime feedings are toughest, because for me they were easiest – I just kind of rolled over, nursed, and we both went to sleep. (I know, I know, you’re not supposed to do that. I would wake up a bit and tell my husband to put the baby back in his own bed. But it was still relaxing. Actually, because of that, the early-morning feeding was the last one we gave up, at a year and two months. And I gave it up because it was becoming a game, plus, I wanted to see if nursing was acting as BC.

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