Well, the night shift was brought.

Published November 28, 2012 by jessicalynndunning

I was perhaps a bit too enthusiastic when I titled my blog yesterday as “Bring on the night shift.” The night shift was most certainly brought last night, and even with a couple of (very long) naps during the day and early evening hours, I was unprepared for an awake and fussy baby from 1:30AM to nearly 9:00AM. I did okay until roughly six in the morning. She had finally fallen asleep at about 5:45. I needed to get a small snack and then I crawled into bed…she woke up five minutes after my  head hit the pillow, and I kind of wanted to scream. David was getting up for work at that point, and he tried to help me a bit, but he had to get a shower and get ready to leave.

The thing was, she wasn’t fussy per say. She just didn’t want to sleep. She only got fussy when I set her down. She was spitting up an awful lot, but I think that is just because she eats so fast…I try to get her to slow down, but she is a voracious little thing. All the bottles that we have are slow-flow nurser bottles, so I can’t do much else to get her to slow down other than take the bottle away for a few moments here and there. She drinks so fast sometimes that she starts to choke. Silly girl! Anyway.

David left for work just before seven, and our roommate left just before eight. I gave up on sleep at that point and carted her out to the living room. I fed her, changed her diaper, and set her down in her little rocker/sleeper thing. Then I pulled out my iPhone and turned on that song by Darius Rucker, “It won’t be like this for long.” I played it three or four times, because I really needed to be reminded that this phase wouldn’t last forever. I sang along with the song, and actually started to get teary eyed because as much as I want this phase to hurry up and pass, I will miss her being so tiny and adorable and delighting at each and every new thing that she does.

Miracle of miracles, Darius Rucker and I singing our duet put Briana to sleep! I tiptoed away and pumped (I hadn’t been able to since 3:30 in the morning, when I finally had to wake up David so he could feed her while I pumped). Then, as quickly as I could, I soaped down the pump parts that needed to be washed, lay them out to dry, used the restroom, changed my shirt because she had spit up all over me (again), and took an ibuprofen. Next, oh so carefully, I lifted her out of her sleeper in the living room and moved her to her bassinet in the bedroom. I crawled under the covers, held my breath, waiting for her to wake up. She didn’t. *sigh of relief*

Next thing I knew, David was home on his lunch a little after noon. She woke up wanting food and a change, and David covered her face in kisses before he left again. He misses her so much when he has to go to work. After she ate and got a clean diaper, she and I went back to bed and didn’t wake up until four o’clock. I was hoping David would be home soon, since he was off work at the same time we woke up, but he ran late and didn’t get home until five. By that time I had been spit-up on four or five times, and it had run all down my arms and gotten in my hair, and all I wanted was a shower!

Who knew how much of a mini-vacation a shower could become when you become a mom. Twenty minutes of glorious time to myself! Nobody crying or needing a poopy diaper changed, or screaming, or puking down my shirt. Woo hoo!

David did his best to keep Briana awake once he was home from work, but she absolutely refused to wake up. We even put a cold pop can up against her tummy. She made a face but wouldn’t open her eyes! *sigh* I’m in for another sleepless night, I can tell!

Anyway, I am heading to bed now, hopefully to get a couple hours of sleep before David heads to bed and my shift starts again. Sorry this blog rambled on so much…I feel like I get boring sometimes. 😛

Tired but Determined New Mommy

My husband, holding our baby girl.


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