General updates about Bri-Bee!

Published February 13, 2013 by jessicalynndunning

I always seem to start my blogs by saying that I meant to blog sooner. It’s repetitive and boring, and obvious. I’ll try to be more entertaining.

Briana is doing fabulously. I can’t believe how fast she is growing, learning, and changing. David and I were talking about how she is so fascinated by things around her, whether it be a reflection in a window, light playing off of a shiny surface, someone making a noise she has never heard, or the pattern on a particular blanket. Everything is new to her, so everything amazes her.

She still isn’t in love with tummy time, but she tolerates it more now. She seems to be right on the verge of crawling already. This is both exciting and terrifying, given that once she is mobile, I will have not a single moment of peace…Maybe I’ll fashion an ankle bracelet with bells for her, so I can at least keep track of her. She is such a little adventurer, I know she is going to give me heart palpitations.

She can almost sit up, as well. In fact, if she is propped on our arm, she can pull herself the rest of the way up. She did it in her sleep the other night. She was laying on her back on David’s left arm and, still 100% asleep, she flipped over to his right arm, ending up on her stomach. It made us laugh.

She supports her full weight on her legs. A couple of weeks ago, I was holding her waist as she sat in my lap, and she pushed herself up onto her feet, and then grinned at me like “Ha! Mommy! I stood up! Yay me!” And then she giggled and bent her knees and sat down and looked surprised, like “Whoa, Mom. What just happened?” She does that a lot now, except her look of surprise when she sits down has changed to grins and giggles. “I meant to do that Mom, aren’t I funny?”

She “talks” almost constantly now. As I type this, I am having a “conversation” with her while she sits in her daddy’s lap. She mostly says “oh! oh! oh! ooh! ah! ah! ah! ooooh!” But she throws in the occasional “Waaaaooooooooooooh” or a scream of pure delight just to keep things entertaining. I talk back to her, and laugh with her, and tickle her. Sometimes I imitate her, which makes her giggle, and sometimes I make up stories and pretend she is contributing. Either way makes her happy!

I love how excited Briana gets when her daddy starts talking to her. When he gets home from work I usually hand her over so he can say hi, and her whole face just lights up like “Hey, I know you! You’re awesome! You fly me around the living room and tell me I’m a princess!”

I still haven’t gotten her to sleep in her crib for more than a half hour or so at a time. She still sleeps in her Fisher Price Rock ‘n’ Play Sleeper in by our bed. Sometimes she sleeps in her crib for a nap. David and I want to move her crib into our room. I’m not ready to have her sleeping in another room yet. I know, I know…if I wasn’t a new mommy! But I am, and I’m not ready, so hush!

We have started (very slowly) transitioning to formula. She gets six-ounce bottles now, and one ounce of that is formula. I wanted to do breast milk exclusively until she could start getting solid foods, but since I am pumping and not breastfeeding, it got to be a bit too much. It really isn’t fun when your nipples are cracked and bleeding and sore to the touch from using the pump every five hours all day (and night) long. Now I pump only three times a day. Relief, relief, relief! And since we are transitioning slowly, she’ll still be getting breast milk for another month and a half, two months. Maybe more, I don’t know. We’ll see how my supply holds up only pumping three times a day, and how well she does when we start upping the amount of formula she is getting in her bottle. Since we started adding an ounce of formula to her bottle, she has actually not been spitting up as much. So far so good!

I think my favorite thing Briana is doing now (other than her burying her face in my neck and falling asleep) is holding onto her toys and chewing on them. (Her two top front teeth are coming in already…yikes.) She is so cute waving them around and shaking them and feeling the different textures.

Anyway, baby is crying so I have to cut this short. I’ll have to come back and post pictures later! We’ll end it saying that being a stay at home mom is awesome! I’m so glad I made this decision.

A Happy New Stay at Home Mommy!




3 comments on “General updates about Bri-Bee!

  • So glad to hear you are happy with your decision to stay home with your baby. It’s challenging but rewarding work. I was home with my girls when they were young and I have never regretted it. I look forward to the photos you mentioned. All the best!

  • That is really impressive that she is trying to stand herself up on your lap! 🙂
    We had him in the stroller for the first three months, before we got a crib. When we wanted to transfer, we had him nap in the crib and sleep for the night in the stroller, until he got used to it, and then we made the nighttime switch. Hope you manage to switch soon! Yeah, tummy time is annoying until they figure out what it’s for. 😛

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