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Cribs and Naps and Screaming, Oh My!

Published March 23, 2013 by JD61088

Since Briana was about three or four weeks old, she has been sleeping in her Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper. We tried a bassinet first, and it just didn’t work. She woke up every few minutes crying. In desperation one night, I put her in the sleeper, figuring that since it cradled her, she would sleep better. Voila! It worked. 7-10 hours of solid sleep every night. Now that is coming back to bite me.

We are trying to transition her to sleeping in her crib. She hasn’t hit the weight limit on the sleeper yet (she still has at least 10 pounds to go before that happens), but she is getting really close to being able to pull herself into a sitting position in it, and I’m afraid that even with the safety straps, it just isn’t going to be okay for her sleep in it for much longer. The problem is, she is used to sleeping in a slightly inclined position, in a sleeper that cradles her. Obviously, the crib doesn’t do either one for her, and she gets quite (vocally) ticked off at me when I try to make her sleep in it.

It took a week (or so), but I finally having her take her midday nap in the. Sort of. Her nap used to be at least an hour, sometimes an hour and a half or even two hours. Now it only lasts from 30-45 minutes, but it’s a start, and I’m not going to jinx it by complaining. (Even though she is a grumpy little bugger lately from lack of a “proper” nap. It’s still progress!) I’ve only tried to put her in there at night twice, because I really don’t like having her in the other room. Call me a sucker if you want, but the crib is moving to our bedroom tomorrow (Saturday), and then I’ll feel so much better about it (which means I can be consistent).

Another problem of my own creation is that she won’t fall asleep unless someone is holding her, and usually that someone better have a bottle in hand. Once you finally get her to sleep, you have to get her into bed without waking her up! This is a habit she picked up when we were desperate for her to fall asleep any way we could get her to fall asleep. *sigh* The bad routines that I get myself into!

Tonight, she fell asleep in David’s lap and woke up as I was putting her in her sleeper. Instead of picking her up, I buckled her safety straps, kissed her face, and walked away. She started “singing.” That’s what David and I call it when she is making noise continuously, but she’s just making noise to self-soothe. It was so soft and cute. We could hear her in the living room, and David went to check on her twice. The second time he came back and laughingly told me that she fell asleep in the middle of her song. “Eh eh eh eh eh snooooze.” 🙂 So that’s progress, too.

I’m celebrating small victories this week, because it has been really rough. Since she isn’t sleeping as much during the day, Briana has been especially clingy and needy. And vocal in her displeasure. Today she screamed. And screamed. And screamed. It wasn’t crying, it was full on shrieking. I could tell she was just tired, but she had hit that point where she was too tired and upset to sleep, even though I had been trying to get her to sleep for two or three hours and she had been fighting it. I was in tears by the end of it, but she finally conked out in my lap. I was too worn out to try to put her in her crib, so I wimped out and let her sleep on my shoulder. Today was one of those days where at one point I had to put her in her crib and close her bedroom door and just walk away for twenty minutes. Taking care of a shrieking infant when you have a migraine is not my idea of fun. 😦

Briana also still hasn’t gotten over her “Oh my gosh I don’t know you” syndrome (AKA Stranger Danger as discussed in my last blog). I’ve been trying to let other people hold her even after she starts to get upset, but as my sister in law said a few weeks back “I don’t hold crying things that aren’t mine.” 🙂 Let’s face it: who really wants to hold an infant who starts screaming and crying the moment they realize that it’s not mom or dad holding them? It’s continuous…It doesn’t even let up after a few minutes. My dad and I tried yesterday. I handed him the baby and walked away to another room so she couldn’t see me. I think it was probably five minutes? She screamed the whole time. It broke my heart, and I think his, too, because he finally called me back in and told me to give her a hug and tell her everything was okay.

Any tips on helping her get over this? I know I need to let people hold her, and I do, but once she starts shrieking and freaking out, people hand her back to me because they don’t WANT to hold her…and I can’t blame them. That girl has a set of lungs on her!


Still a New Mommy

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Stranger Danger…

Published March 10, 2013 by JD61088

David is calling Briana’s new tendency to freak out when anyone (other than people she knows really well) hold her as her “Stranger Danger Anxiety.” When I mentioned it to her doctor the other day, he actually said that this was a good thing developmentally, because it shows the ability to recognize people and such like that. Apparently this is something that babies don’t normally start to do until they are about six months old. So, Briana is an early bloomer…could’ve waited on this one though!

We went to visit my dad and grandma today (Bri’s Papa and G.G.) and Briana started to scream every time my dad tried to hold her. G.G. never even really tried, because Mama (ME) was worried that Bri would freak out again. My dad was really good about it, but I felt really bad, because I am sure it hurt his feelings, even if he would never admit it.

I told them that I want to have them over to our place so that Briana can be re-introduced to them on her home turf. I don’t know if that will help or not, but my theory is that if she is surrounded by familiarity, it won’t be so scary to hang out with “new” people.

The other frustrating thing is that they shouldn’t really be “strangers.” She has been around them quite a bit. But man, I’m telling you! The last couple of weeks have been terrible for anyone other than mom, dad, or “Uncle A.J.” (our roommate, who is also Bri’s godfather).

I think it’s my fault. I hardly ever leave the apartment. I mean, we take her to David’s parents house, to my parents house, and to the occasional restaurant. So I feel like she is never around people. *sigh* I am turning my daughter into a hermit! Now that the weather is nicer, I am going to try to get out more. And I have been thinking about trying to find a “mommy group” in the area so that at least once or twice a week (or month or however often they get together), Briana can be around other babies and I can be around adults.

In all seriousness, since I don’t leave the apartment super often during the day, we have a pretty set routine…wake up, diaper change, bottle, playtime, nap, repeat, etc. So when I go anywhere, she gets all mad that her routine is messed up. I don’t suppose there is really a way around that. But how do I deal with that once we do start going out more? I can’t always leave the apartment at the same time when we do go out, right? How do you work a babies routine around random excursions out of the house without ending up with a baby who is freaking out?

Ah, stupid questions from a new mom. Try not to point and laugh too much while you tell me how ridiculous I am. I just don’t want to upset her every day…but I also realize I can’t stay in the apartment all the time. I mean, we plan on taking her to Disney World in September…she kind of has to be okay with days that are slightly out of the ordinary. 🙂 And people…she has to be okay with people. *sigh* I’m terrible. My depression and lack of a want/need to get out has messed up my child! Gah!

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Rough Days…

Published March 7, 2013 by JD61088

Today was literally the most frustrating day that I have had as a mom thus far. It wasn’t really Briana’s fault, it was more a combination of things, but it was definitely far from a good day.

I had a restless night. I couldn’t sleep…I kept waking up every few minutes. I finally fell into a deep sleep at five in the morning, but Briana uncharacteristically woke up at six. She usually sleeps until at least 8:30, and in the last five days, she hasn’t woken up before ten in the morning.

I tried to sooth her without taking her out of her bed, but that wasn’t happening, so I changed her diaper and tried to put her back to bed. Didn’t work. Got her a bottle, and she started eating like she was starving, so I hoped that she would simply eat and go back to sleep.

Ugh. Wishful thinking on my part. She was all giggly and energetic after her bottle. Normally this would be cute. This morning it was making me want to cry. I was practically begging her to be sleepy. Then she stopped being giggly and started crying. And screaming. And flailing around. So I cried with her. And when we were both all cried out, she fell asleep on my shoulder.

I held her for a few minutes. I don’t think there is a better feeling in the world than holding your baby while she sleeps. By the time she fell back asleep it was after eight. I collapsed back into bed, and was so happy to wake up to find that she slept until noon.

For a while, she and I did okay. She and I were both smiling, and we both got something to eat, and we both got dressed and played a little bit. And then, if you’ll pardon my language, it all sort of went to hell.

Briana randomly started screaming. At first I was worried that something was wrong. I checked her diaper, gave her mylecon drops in case it was gas, I tried to give her a bottle. I offered her a cold teething ring, tried to entertain her with her toys, tried rocking her to sleep. Nothing helped.

I kept my patience. I tried it all again. We rocked, and bounced, and danced, and sang, and finally she conked out and slept on my shoulder for ten minutes. Sigh of relief, until she woke up and started being fussy again.

It was like that all day long. I even checked her temperature at one point to be sure. At 4:00 when David was scheduled to be off of work, I called him on his cell. “You’re getting off work on time today right?” “Yeah, why?” “Because I need you to get home as fast as you can and take Briana from me.”

I had lost my patience. It wasn’t just her, I mean, I was exhausted, but I had to keep my distance from her the rest of the evening, I just didn’t want to listen to her cry anymore, or try to comfort her. I have been pretty depressed the last couple of days, and very tired. But losing my patience with her today made me feel so guilty. I felt like such a terrible mom. I mean, she’s four months old. She’s not being difficult on purpose.

David took care of her this afternoon and evening for me. And I’m sure tomorrow will be a better day for Briana and I. But I still feel very guilty. I feel like I should always want to hold her and take care of her and love on her. But she just refused to be comforted by me today, and of course the more tense I got, the worse she got, and after a while I couldn’t relax and calm down anymore.


Anyway, she fell asleep early tonight, but I needed to blog before I went to bed…I just needed some me time. Am I a terrible mom for losing my cool?

A New Mommy Feeling Down


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