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Random Things To Share…

Published April 30, 2013 by JD61088

I haven’t forgotten my blog, I promise. It just seems that everything is happening all at once, very quickly, and I have been too stressed and busy to sit down and really write a good one. So you’ll have to settle for a quick one. 🙂 It’s all very random and will jump from subject to subject, so have patience!

Briana has been making me laugh lately. She has this cute face she makes that reminds me of when an old lady smiles without her dentures in, and it always cracks me up. And since she loves it when she gets a reaction out of me, she makes the face all the time, so she and I have been smiling and laughing a lot in the last week or so.

Bri eats rice cereal every morning now (some mornings she eats less than others, but as long as she’s eating it, I’m a happy camper), and she eats carrots or peas in the afternoon. Mostly carrots, because it’s easier to get her to eat them. David is better at getting her to eat her cereal than I am, so I think we’re going to start doing carrots in the morning and cereal in the afternoon. She doesn’t know the difference between breakfast and lunch, so I don’t see why the time of day really matters. When we take her in for her six month appointment (!) on Monday, I’m going to ask the doctor if we can try oat or barley cereal, as she doesn’t really like the rice cereal…I can’t blame her. I’ve tried it, and it’s gross, lol. I love that she is eating solids now. It’s funny to see her reactions to new tastes. Don’t worry, I only introduce one new food at a time, and give her the same food for a week or so before we try a new one. My husband and I both have food allergies, so we’re being obsessively careful about it.

Briana has a sudden fascination with cords, and I never really appreciated how many cords my apartment contained until I was trying to keep a baby away from them. After we move, we’ll definitely have to rethink the set up and placement of our power cords! I can’t leave her alone for two seconds anymore, because she goes straight for them, and the cords go straight into her mouth. Yikes! I should have thought of it before now, but she wasn’t so mobile before…Every day she moves a little faster! It seems like just a couple of days ago, I could leave her on the floor on a blanket and she would still be laying there when I came back! Now as soon as I lay her down anywhere, she rolls onto her tummy and then takes off! It’s adorable and cute and terrifying all at the same time. I miss knowing where she was at every waking moment.

I have been feeling pretty overwhelmed lately. The household stuff is getting out of hand because every time I try to start to clean something up, Briana needs me for something. And when I get one thing done, something else pops up. And we’re supposed to move in two weeks, and I’ve only gotten a grand total of two boxes packed. Ugh! Time keeps slipping away from me. Moving day is going to get here, and we’re not going to be able to move because all I have packed is two boxes of books. I thought moving while pregnant was hard….how am I supposed to move with a baby needing me all the time?  At least while I was pregnant she couldn’t cry or scream at me for attention when I was supposed to be packing…just kick me in the ribs a lot. 🙂

Anyway, enough complaining. I know I’ll get it all figured out, I just feel like the mess is crazy right now, and with Briana being more mobile every day, mess is the last thing I need in my life.

I promise I won’t forget to blog. The blogs just might be a little farther apart at the moment, since I’ve got so much on my plate right now with the move and everything. Anyone have any tips for moving with an infant?!

Overwhelmed New Mommy

Carrot Face David and Bri Mary and Briana Ducky Dress

Carrot Face, Sleeping on a Walk with Daddy, and a bad picture of her Funny Face

Crawling and Screaming and Eating…Oh, my!

Published April 23, 2013 by JD61088

The last few days have been interesting with our little Bri Bee. She is discovering her voice, and is going through that stage I was dreading: the screaming stage. She screams when she wants attention and screams when she is playing and screams for no reason at all…and then giggles. I am doing my best to follow the advice of a friend and not to react to the screaming for fear Briana will think it is a game…but I have gotten a few headaches this week. She has a strong pair of lungs!

Briana has now had the dubious pleasure of eating rice cereal, and has graduated to peas. She didn’t seem overly fond of either one, though David and I have thoroughly enjoyed the faces she makes when we give them to her. We are going to try carrots next. We are sticking to vegetables and cereal for now, because we have been told that if you introduce fruit first it’s a lot harder to introduce veggies. Hopefully that’s good advice.

Briana is blowing me away, growing and learning and changing so much every day. She laughs constantly now, and loves it when people clap – she likes to put her hands on the back of mine while I clap for her, but hasn’t quite figured out how to do it herself yet. It’s so cute! She thinks it’s funny when I laugh, she always starts to laugh, too.

She truly crawled for the first time last night. She had been scooting along the floor for quite a while, but last night I had my iPhone sitting on the floor while I played with her during tummy time, and someone sent me a text. When she saw that screen light up, she went for it! Oh my goodness! It’s very exciting, but terrible timing! Our house looks like a tornado or a hurricane or…a group of rampaging four year olds has recently run through. We are in the middle of moving! Not exactly a baby-proofed environment. All day long today I was saying “no, no, Briana” and “leave that alone Briana.” Luckily nothing untoward happened. The next couple of weeks will be interesting!

Bri has also discovered how fun it is to splash during bath time. David was closest to the splash zone while I was washing her hair, and his shirt got soaked. It made me giggle. He had to take off his glasses when a particularly strong kick gave him a face full of soapy water. 🙂 I am just glad that she still loves baths.

She is starting to sit up unsupported, though she can’t pull herself into a sitting position yet, and she is still pretty wobbly. She tipped over before I could catch her on Saturday and bonked her head on my laptop. I felt terrible, but she let out one little cry and stopped and smiled at me as soon as I picked her up, so I think it hurt me more than it did her. Just another MisAdventure to add to my bag, I suppose.

She is getting a little better with strangers, but still isn’t great. We’re working on it 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot! Briana is starting to learn how to wave “bye bye” to people. I think it’s more her imitating our motion at this point with no understanding of the concept, but it is still super adorable when she waves her arm up and down at you when you wave and say “bye bye!” We get a kick out of it. And I swear she has said “mama” a couple times, but I don’t know…that might be wishful thinking on my part, just random sounds that happened to sound like a word.

Anyway…that’s all I have for you at the moment! Hope it was a tiny bit entertaining for you, folks.

Excited New Mommy


Moving and Saving

Published April 7, 2013 by JD61088

When we moved into our current apartment, I was 4 months pregnant with Briana. We moved here because I wanted her to have a nice place to live, in a safer apartment complex than the one we were living in before, and I wanted Briana to have her own room and a lot of room to play.

I love this apartment. Right after my husband and I got married, we lived near here, and I would walk by these apartments and dream about living somewhere this nice. I was so excited when we moved here. It was literally a dream come true!

So, now, we are moving, and I feel so sad. This is Briana’s first home, where she came when we brought her home from the hospital. This is where she learned how to roll over and grab things and the place where I first saw her beautiful smile and heard her adorable giggle. We fed her rice cereal here and watched her start to scoot all over the floor…she will probably be crawling before we move.

Moving is going to save us a ton of money and enable us to do things that we can’t afford right now. It is also a step toward saving the money we need to be able to get a house. It’s the right decision. And I do know that…but I feel a little bit heartbroken to leave this particular dream behind for a different one.

I told David I want to take a bunch of pictures of our apartment before we start to pack. Maybe Briana won’t care, but I want her to know what her first home looked like, that mommy and daddy and uncle AJ worked so hard to get for her, that mommy and daddy brought her home to.

By the time she is old enough to understand, we will hopefully be in a house and the whole thing will be pretty silly. But I will take the pictures anyway. We were happy here, even when we were only hanging on by the skin of our teeth. Good memories to share down the road.

Sappy New Mommy




Rough Starts and Budget Woes

Published April 2, 2013 by JD61088

Happy Belated Easter!

Briana and I had a very rough start on Easter…she kept me up until 2AM and then woke up at four and stayed awake until nearly five thirty. (She was gassy and I am pretty sure she had a tummy ache, but still!)

Then, once we finally both woke up again around nine, she was cranky, and I was cranky, and then by eleven she was screaming, and we were both crying. *sigh* I was aiming to be at my dad’s house between 10 and 11, but between not getting any sleep, diaper mishaps and wardrobe changes, screaming and crying, and tearful phone calls to my husband at work and my dad at home…we showed up around 1:30 or so.

Once we got to Papa and GG’s house though, Briana was all smiles, and even let Papa and GG both take turns holding her and playing with her! Yay for progress on the whole “stranger” thing. It made my heart happy that Briana is starting to get over her fear of people, because I want my family to be able to enjoy spending time with her! David had to work until four, but he came over and joined us after work.

The night before Easter Briana started rolling over from her back to her tummy. She has been doing tummy to back for a while now, but it is so exciting every time that she learns something new. She was doing it a lot on Easter, and all day Monday.

I may be looking for a part time job soon, for the evenings after David gets home from work. We are getting by on his income, but don’t have any money to save or spend on extras. It’s frustrating, and I am really torn. I feel sad and guilty that I may have to work again, and frustrated that we can’t make one income work. All these super couponers and thrifty stay at home moms who never spend money on anything and get by just fine? I’m apparently not one of them.

Anyone have good tips on budgeting? We are always slipping up and wasting money on fast food (that is terrible for us anyway) when I know we could be putting that money somewhere useful. I can’t seem to come up with a realistic budget and stick to it, and I have the feeling that if I could, we could still do the one thing that we splurge on…our Disney Trip…without me having to head back to work. How do you break the Fast Food Habit?

Anyway, I am nodding off here.

Wannabe Budget Savvy Mommy







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