Rough Starts and Budget Woes

Published April 2, 2013 by jessicalynndunning

Happy Belated Easter!

Briana and I had a very rough start on Easter…she kept me up until 2AM and then woke up at four and stayed awake until nearly five thirty. (She was gassy and I am pretty sure she had a tummy ache, but still!)

Then, once we finally both woke up again around nine, she was cranky, and I was cranky, and then by eleven she was screaming, and we were both crying. *sigh* I was aiming to be at my dad’s house between 10 and 11, but between not getting any sleep, diaper mishaps and wardrobe changes, screaming and crying, and tearful phone calls to my husband at work and my dad at home…we showed up around 1:30 or so.

Once we got to Papa and GG’s house though, Briana was all smiles, and even let Papa and GG both take turns holding her and playing with her! Yay for progress on the whole “stranger” thing. It made my heart happy that Briana is starting to get over her fear of people, because I want my family to be able to enjoy spending time with her! David had to work until four, but he came over and joined us after work.

The night before Easter Briana started rolling over from her back to her tummy. She has been doing tummy to back for a while now, but it is so exciting every time that she learns something new. She was doing it a lot on Easter, and all day Monday.

I may be looking for a part time job soon, for the evenings after David gets home from work. We are getting by on his income, but don’t have any money to save or spend on extras. It’s frustrating, and I am really torn. I feel sad and guilty that I may have to work again, and frustrated that we can’t make one income work. All these super couponers and thrifty stay at home moms who never spend money on anything and get by just fine? I’m apparently not one of them.

Anyone have good tips on budgeting? We are always slipping up and wasting money on fast food (that is terrible for us anyway) when I know we could be putting that money somewhere useful. I can’t seem to come up with a realistic budget and stick to it, and I have the feeling that if I could, we could still do the one thing that we splurge on…our Disney Trip…without me having to head back to work. How do you break the Fast Food Habit?

Anyway, I am nodding off here.

Wannabe Budget Savvy Mommy








3 comments on “Rough Starts and Budget Woes

  • Great pics Jess! Sorry that Briana had such a rough start on Easter. 😦

    Don’t feel bad about having to go back to work. I think that most people, including most I know, all work. Unfortunately, in these days and times 2 incomes are needed most of the time. You do what you need to do, and she’ll be fine. She’ll be with her daddy, and still have you during the day. I think doing part time is a great idea, that way you can still take care of her but also have a little extra money.

    So if you figure out the fast food dilemma…could you let me know the secret? LOL! I have that problem too.

  • Briana just gets cuter!

    How to save money? What worked for us was pretending it wasn’t there.
    We pretend that our income for the month is all we have, and make sure not to spend more than that, and try to save 100-200 shekels ($25-$50) every month. The saving part works better some months than others (usually based on when my sporadic work-at-home job pays me), but we get by okay.

    We also try to menu plan, but that doesn’t work. What does work is not buying and snack foods (or cereals, except oatmeal), lots of vegetables and telling ourselves that we probably don’t even have the money for a pizza this month. If we do get pizza, it’s a treat. We haven’t had any other kind of takeout food since prior to our wedding, I think. HOWEVER – it helps that neither of us love restaurants, so although we miss it slightly, it’s not awful for us.
    If I was a better cooker and planner, and would stop procrastinating, then we’d be better off food-wise.

    We also don’t have a car – BUT we live in an area that has good bus service.

    If you don’t want to go back to work, is there something that you could do at home to help supplement David’s income? Even if it’s just stuffing envelopes (which actually sounds great – no intellectuall work, easy to do when you’ve got someone on your lap – I wish I had something like that) – but there are a lot of other options out there, too.

    Good luck!

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