Moving and Saving

Published April 7, 2013 by jessicalynndunning

When we moved into our current apartment, I was 4 months pregnant with Briana. We moved here because I wanted her to have a nice place to live, in a safer apartment complex than the one we were living in before, and I wanted Briana to have her own room and a lot of room to play.

I love this apartment. Right after my husband and I got married, we lived near here, and I would walk by these apartments and dream about living somewhere this nice. I was so excited when we moved here. It was literally a dream come true!

So, now, we are moving, and I feel so sad. This is Briana’s first home, where she came when we brought her home from the hospital. This is where she learned how to roll over and grab things and the place where I first saw her beautiful smile and heard her adorable giggle. We fed her rice cereal here and watched her start to scoot all over the floor…she will probably be crawling before we move.

Moving is going to save us a ton of money and enable us to do things that we can’t afford right now. It is also a step toward saving the money we need to be able to get a house. It’s the right decision. And I do know that…but I feel a little bit heartbroken to leave this particular dream behind for a different one.

I told David I want to take a bunch of pictures of our apartment before we start to pack. Maybe Briana won’t care, but I want her to know what her first home looked like, that mommy and daddy and uncle AJ worked so hard to get for her, that mommy and daddy brought her home to.

By the time she is old enough to understand, we will hopefully be in a house and the whole thing will be pretty silly. But I will take the pictures anyway. We were happy here, even when we were only hanging on by the skin of our teeth. Good memories to share down the road.

Sappy New Mommy





6 comments on “Moving and Saving

  • It’s not sappy or silly. There is something special about this apartment, something that you will never get back, even if you’re in a bigger, better, nicer house.
    Take lots of pictures, in your mind and with your camera. πŸ™‚
    Hope you have an easy move!

  • Not sappy at all. There were plenty of firsts here. But there will be plenty of firsts in your next place and in your first house as well. You’ve got first steps, first loose teeth, first crush, etc. . . . . . But these are what makes each place special. Take the pictures and keep the memories.

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