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Published April 30, 2013 by jessicalynndunning

I haven’t forgotten my blog, I promise. It just seems that everything is happening all at once, very quickly, and I have been too stressed and busy to sit down and really write a good one. So you’ll have to settle for a quick one. 🙂 It’s all very random and will jump from subject to subject, so have patience!

Briana has been making me laugh lately. She has this cute face she makes that reminds me of when an old lady smiles without her dentures in, and it always cracks me up. And since she loves it when she gets a reaction out of me, she makes the face all the time, so she and I have been smiling and laughing a lot in the last week or so.

Bri eats rice cereal every morning now (some mornings she eats less than others, but as long as she’s eating it, I’m a happy camper), and she eats carrots or peas in the afternoon. Mostly carrots, because it’s easier to get her to eat them. David is better at getting her to eat her cereal than I am, so I think we’re going to start doing carrots in the morning and cereal in the afternoon. She doesn’t know the difference between breakfast and lunch, so I don’t see why the time of day really matters. When we take her in for her six month appointment (!) on Monday, I’m going to ask the doctor if we can try oat or barley cereal, as she doesn’t really like the rice cereal…I can’t blame her. I’ve tried it, and it’s gross, lol. I love that she is eating solids now. It’s funny to see her reactions to new tastes. Don’t worry, I only introduce one new food at a time, and give her the same food for a week or so before we try a new one. My husband and I both have food allergies, so we’re being obsessively careful about it.

Briana has a sudden fascination with cords, and I never really appreciated how many cords my apartment contained until I was trying to keep a baby away from them. After we move, we’ll definitely have to rethink the set up and placement of our power cords! I can’t leave her alone for two seconds anymore, because she goes straight for them, and the cords go straight into her mouth. Yikes! I should have thought of it before now, but she wasn’t so mobile before…Every day she moves a little faster! It seems like just a couple of days ago, I could leave her on the floor on a blanket and she would still be laying there when I came back! Now as soon as I lay her down anywhere, she rolls onto her tummy and then takes off! It’s adorable and cute and terrifying all at the same time. I miss knowing where she was at every waking moment.

I have been feeling pretty overwhelmed lately. The household stuff is getting out of hand because every time I try to start to clean something up, Briana needs me for something. And when I get one thing done, something else pops up. And we’re supposed to move in two weeks, and I’ve only gotten a grand total of two boxes packed. Ugh! Time keeps slipping away from me. Moving day is going to get here, and we’re not going to be able to move because all I have packed is two boxes of books. I thought moving while pregnant was hard….how am I supposed to move with a baby needing me all the time?  At least while I was pregnant she couldn’t cry or scream at me for attention when I was supposed to be packing…just kick me in the ribs a lot. 🙂

Anyway, enough complaining. I know I’ll get it all figured out, I just feel like the mess is crazy right now, and with Briana being more mobile every day, mess is the last thing I need in my life.

I promise I won’t forget to blog. The blogs just might be a little farther apart at the moment, since I’ve got so much on my plate right now with the move and everything. Anyone have any tips for moving with an infant?!

Overwhelmed New Mommy

Carrot Face David and Bri Mary and Briana Ducky Dress

Carrot Face, Sleeping on a Walk with Daddy, and a bad picture of her Funny Face


5 comments on “Random Things To Share…

  • I moved twice while Cailyn was a baby. Ugh….I feel your pain. The first time she was a month old, and the second she was 2.

    Cereal that babies eat is for any time of day Jess! LOL! Actually, here is a great tip…feed her cereal at night (but not IN the bottle, that is bad). Doing so will help her sleep for longer periods of time, because her little belly is filled with something more solid than liquid. It will keep her full and sleeping longer. Believe me when I say, getting my baby on cereal was a major blessing!

    Talk to the doctor about changing cereal, I think you might be A-Okay with that because if I can remember correctly, and they haven’t changed the “rules” since my little one…it was at 4 months I could start rice cereal and at 6 months we could do the oat or barley.

    Good luck with your move!

  • Drop her off with some one so you can pack and go for new foods! They wont hurt her, I started Oatmeal with both mine at the same time as the rice can it can back them up. So when using both, it isn’t as drastic. Try Sweet Potatoes next, I KNOW she will love them! Jax still does! And mix the rice and vegies, put the spoon in the food, then in the rice and feed both at the same time. It is cheaper that way and she will still get the rice without really knowing it. (made it with water)

  • Just linked from your blog from the PPer boards. Sorry to hear you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. It happens to all of us moms. You’ll figure it all out. Or who knows maybe you already have. You’ve been able to keep up with your blog more than I have with mine since Mallory was born.

  • Don’t worry about your blog… we will all be here… you and your baby are no one priority… My experience of moving with a baby is to make sure you have plenty of her food, and lots of water for her to drink in an easy get-attable place !
    If baby’s happy, it’s easier for you to be…Moving with a baby is trying, I did it with a six month old and three months pregnant, so i know how overwhelming it can be. making lists is one way of feeling that you’ve got things under control !!!
    Go well !!!

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