I have a new nephew.

Published June 23, 2013 by jessicalynndunning

I will be writing another blog about Briana shortly, but Toby is on my mind right now…

On June 20th my nephew, Tobias Christopher Axel was born. He was 7 pounds 12 ounces, 19 and a half inches long, and absolutely perfect and beautiful…other than the fact that he has a heart defect and will have to have surgery within a week.

My brother and sister in law were warned about the heart defect. In fact, they had to switch Doctors and hospitals so that Toby could be monitored and born safely. They knew he would be transferred to Children’s Hospital within a couple hours of being born, and we all had tried to mentally prepare ourselves for Toby’s rough beginning to life.

He has hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Basically, the left side of his heart never fully developed, and the left ventricle can’t do it’s job properly, so the right ventricle has to do it. That’s my understanding, anyway. As I have been told, in addition to the surgery he will have within a week, Toby will need two more surgeries before the age of three.

I held Briana a LOT Thursday and Friday, just loving her and thanking God that I was blessed with a healthy baby, praying for my brother and sister in law, and praying for Toby. There were a lot of tears involved. I hadn’t even met my nephew yet, but I loved him already.

I had expected Toby to look sick when he was born, but the first pictures I saw had me wondering if they hadn’t made a mistake about his heart. He was beautiful and perfect and tiny and cute. He was a normal looking baby. I was glad he looked so healthy, and my sister in laws Facebook updates said that other than his heart, he was doing splendidly.

I was nervous about going to Children’s to meet him, because he is in ICU. I didn’t want to upset my sister in law or brother if I started to cry. I was so afraid I would lose it when I saw him there, hooked up to all the monitors, so when I walked in, I was almost afraid to look.

When I did look, I almost cried, but it was because he looked so tiny and perfect, not because of anything else. He was in an oxygen tent when I saw him – he hadn’t been the day before. They said he was getting too much oxygen and were trying to lower his levels a bit. The hardest thing about meeting this perfect little boy was not being able to hold him and kiss his forehead and introduce him to the love his family already has for him.

As a mother, I very much admire how well my brother and sister in law are handling all of this. They have two little ones aside from Toby, and they’re handling the whole situation much better than I could have in their place, I think. They of course have both sides of the family coming in to support them – all hands on deck, definitely.

If you pray, pray for them. If you don’t, send positive thoughts their way. I am so in love with their newest little man, and every little bit of prayer and thought can only help.

We’re all pulling for you Toby!

A Worried Mama/Auntie






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