Diaper rash, a sick husband, and a migraine…

Published July 18, 2013 by jessicalynndunning

Today was rough. Brutal would be a more accurate description, at least for this morning. (Well, it’s 1AM, so technically I am referring to yesterday, but anyway…)

I had a cold last week, and it hit my husband like a freight train on Tuesday night. So Wednesday morning, he ended up calling in to work. (We’ll leave the gentle teasing about staying home for his cold when I worked through mine last week until he feels better. :))

On Tuesday morning, before David started to feel sick, I noticed that Briana’s bottom was just a tiny bit pink. Not really full on diaper rash yet, but getting there, so I put some Butt Paste on it after making sure her skin was nice and dry, and did that for each diaper change for the rest of the day. Well, fast forward to this morning (Wednesday) and it had gone from a tiny bit pink to full on red and raw. Last night for her last diaper change, David said it was barely pink anymore, so we’re not sure why it went from “barely there” to “raw to the touch” overnight, but I felt TERRIBLE this morning changing her diaper, because she was in obvious pain.

I was in pain, too. I woke up with a migraine. A really terrible full-on migraine with nausea and light sensitivity and pain all down my neck and into my back. I haven’t had a migraine since I got pregnant with Bri, and I was hoping that I wouldn’t get them anymore. Apparently I’m not that lucky.

Moving on.

So we started the day with David feeling so crummy he didn’t want to move, a screaming baby with terrible diaper rash, and me with my migraine trying to take care of them both. Oy! I felt a little overwhelmed. But I survived.

I remembered reading on a mommy board somewhere that if the diaper rash is really bad, any sort of baby wipe can make it worse and be extremely painful for your baby. I remembered the same board mentioning that cotton balls soaked in lukewarm water are better and don’t leave any residue behind on the poor baby’s bottom. So I did that instead, and while she still whined and tried to get away from me by lifting her back and rolling, she was no longer screaming in pain. So that was an improvement. I let her lay on the changing table for quite a while with no diaper on, playing with a toy while I stood there and talked to her, to make sure she was good and dry before I put her cream on her. Initially the contact of my finger seemed to hurt her, but she calmed down almost immediately once the cream made contact with her skin, so I am hoping that it gave her some relief.

After the diaper change and a bottle, all three of us went back to bed.

When Briana woke up again, my head felt better but my neck and back felt worse. So I was mean and made my sick husband take care of the baby for a couple of hours so I could get some more rest. It didn’t help, really, but at least I got some extra sleep?

I guess the whole point of this post is to just vent. Not the way I would have chosen to spend my morning and early afternoon, but again, I survived it, and so did David and Briana.

In other, random news, Briana is going to be taking her first trip to the zoo on Saturday, and we’re making it a family affair. Both sets of grandparents are coming, and my aunt and uncle and cousin are coming. My older brother and his wife are bringing two of their kids, and Briana’s godfather is coming as well. It’s going to be so much fun! Hopefully I will get some good pictures that I can share.

Did I tell you guys Briana says “mama” now? She says “dada” too, but mama came first! And today I am almost sure that she said “num” or “nummy” during her lunchtime meal of fruit and yogurt. How cool is that? My baby is growing up. *tear* Not ready for this…but so excited at the same time!

For those of you who saw my earlier blog about Toby, he has had his surgery now and is recovering at the hospital. He had been moved out of cardiac ICU, but unfortunately was moved back in over the weekend with some fluid in his lungs causing him breathing problems. If you pray, please pray for him. If you don’t, please keep him in your thoughts!

That’s just about all I have for you today folks. Sorry it wasn’t more entertaining. Don’t forget to like my Facebook page! Here’s the address: https://www.facebook.com/MisadventuresOfANewMom?ref=hl

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