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Published July 31, 2013 by jessicalynndunning

My daughter is going through a clingy stage. When I am holding her, she clings to me like I’m going to give her away. She grabs little fistfuls of whatever is handy…my shirt, my hair, my skin…and she holds on for dear life.

As far as I can tell, it’s just with me. She cries when I leave the room. She cries when I set her down. She cries when I put her in the car seat (which is something new, as she’s always been pretty easy with getting into and out of the car seat). She screams if I walk from the living room (where she spends the majority of her time) to the kitchen (which is five feet away) without making sure she comes with me.

I love Briana…but I hope that this stage passes quickly.

I don’t mind holding her, and I love that she wants to spend time with me. But I can’t eat without her wanting into my lap or crawling up my leg, and I can’t take three seconds to shoot off a text without her trying to grab my phone or screaming because I’m not holding her. She doesn’t do this to David, mind you, it’s just me!

Does it make me a bad mom that today I was basically telling David to keep her away from me, so I could have five minutes of non-squirmy-wiggly-wants-my-attention-baby time?

It’s mentally exhausting, not to mention physically. She’s no newborn anymore! She’s heavy! And long. And squirmy. It’s like wrestling a bag of snakes. A 20 plus pound bag. Of angry snakes. Who wiggle. A lot.

Anyway. She’s a clingy wiggly little girl right now. Aside from that she’s dandy.

She has learned to clap. She says “mama” and “dada.” She says “ba-ba” when she wants a bottle and she says “hi”…sometimes…if she feels like it. She’s learning to wave at people, but is shy about waving to anyone other than mommy or daddy right now.

Bri likes to throw things right now. Especially noisy things. She picks up a noisy toy, bangs it on the floor (or couch) and then throws it on the floor. Then she bends down and picks it up and repeats the process. It’s very cute! And noisy. Did I say noisy already?

She has gotten quite vocal in the past couple of weeks. She’s always been vocal, but it’s constant babbling now, in her own personal made-up language. I hear that’s precursor to starting to talk, and I swear I’m hearing real words mixed up in there sometimes, but she babbles so constantly that I can’t always catch and identify it in time to make a big deal out of it and encourage her to use the word again.

Another way she has gotten vocal is to scream, very loudly, any time you take anything away that she wants. Especially mommy or daddy’s keys. That’s a big deal, apparently. So I’ve learned that if I have to leave the house, drive, get the mail, or anything else that requires keys in the next six hours or so, it’s a good idea to hide the keys from the baby. Otherwise, it’s a capital offense.

For a few weeks, Briana was chowing down on solid food. She was seriously eating (pretty much) four full servings of food at each sitting, three times a day…Well, three at breakfast. Cereal, fruit, and yogurt at breakfast, then a meat, veggie, fruit, and yogurt for lunch and dinner. She wasn’t gaining a huge amount of weight, so I just figured she was about to have a growth spurt or that she had a fast metabolism or something.

In the last few days, however, that’s changed. She eats maybe two full containers, combined, of the same mix. (Cereal, fruit, yogurt for breakfast, some sort of meat, veggie, fruit, yogurt for lunch and dinner.) It’s a big reduction in her food intake, and I was worried at first, but she is still eating all her bottles, so maybe she is just done with her growth spurt or whatever it was that was requiring her to eat a four course meal for every meal? I’m going to mention it to her doctor on Monday, but at this point I’m honestly  not really concerned. It could even be that we’re just paying more attention to her cues, and realizing she is full and/or done with what we’re offering, whereas before we weren’t paying attention? I don’t know. Either way, she’s eating way less solid food now.

Briana likes Ritz crackers and cheerios. And apple juice. Let’s not forget the apple juice. We’re only giving her a tiny bit at a time, to encourage her to learn how to use her sippy cup. I’ve tried giving her formula in a sippy cup with no luck. I’d really like her to be done with bottles sooner rather than later (like on or before her first birthday, really). Does anyone have any tips? (Again, I’ll be asking her doctor on Monday at her nine month check up, but it never hurts to get an opinion from the general public either.)

I think Briana is going to walk soon. She really only holds onto the furniture very lightly now, for balance, and I’ve seen her stand unsupported for a second or two at a time, almost like she doesn’t realize she’s doing it. She’s reaching from one piece of the furniture to another and “transferring” to that other piece as well, turning almost all the way around to do it. I’m not saying she’s going to walk tomorrow, but I do think she’ll probably walk before her first birthday.

It amazes me that 9 months ago, she was a precious little bundle in a pink swaddling blanket who couldn’t even roll all the way over. How quickly our babies grow and learn!



Briana grew out of her infant carrier. Finally! (I say finally because everyone warned us that infant carriers were a “waste of money” because we would only get about 3 months of use out of it.” Considering Briana turns 9 months in five days, and we just now had to buy a new seat, I’d say we did considerably better than people were saying we would.

I was hoping to buy a really nice Graco brand model that I had found online, but Briana kind of snuck up on the weight limit without me noticing it, and I weighed her and panicked because she needed a new seat now. Since I didn’t have $300 lying around to buy the one I wanted, I had to go and shop around a bit and see what I could find. I ended up buying a Safety First Alpha 65 model. I talked to the employee at the store about all the different models and which ones were best, and which ones to avoid. I would have loved to get a Britax seat, but the price was again, out of my range.

I wasn’t thrilled (at first) with my choice, but that was purely based on the fact it wasn’t the one I had originally chosen. I tend to choose something and then get stuck on it, even if I find one that works just as well. Once I got it home and started playing with it and working with it and adjusting the straps and such, I realized it’s actually easier to use than the model I had originally chosen…and just as safe!

We installed it today. We let Bri test it in the living room first.


Doesn’t she just look adorable? Anyway, that’s the seat. I actually really like it. And the pattern reminds me of fireworks, which is cute! And it’s a 3 in 1. So I can keep her rear-facing up to 40 pounds, and then forward facing up to 65 pounds. And then it changes into a seatbelt positioning booster seat, and can be used up to 100 pounds or until she gets too tall for it (or until she can safely sit in the seat without it)!

We still need to buy a seat for David’s car, which will probably end up being the seat that get’s left with babysitters and family and such when we drop her off somewhere, because there is no way I’m taking my car seat in and out every day when I go to work. It’s easy to install, but not that easy, and there’s no way I can do it while juggling Briana. So we need at least one more seat.
We’ll probably go with a Cosco or a cheaper version of what we already have. The person I spoke with at the store assured me (or rather reassured me, since I already knew) that all car seats are subject to the same federal regulations, and that while some models (like Britax) go above and beyond, even the 50 dollar seats will keep my precious baby girl safe in the horrible event that we get into a car crash with her in the car.
Honestly, I’m hoping to make it back into the store tomorrow to just buy the same exact model…it’s on sale right now – $30 off! Woot. A steal.
This blog is getting a bit long. I only mentioned the car seat at all because I wanted to share that it was sort of sad, taking her infant car seat base out of the car and installing her “big girl” car seat. It was concrete proof that Briana really is growing and changing with every passing moment, and I’ll never get those days back. And while David and I plan on having more children, I will never again be a “first time mom.”
Maybe I’m making a big deal out of nothing, but putting the larger seat in the car felt like a big moment in my Mommy Journey. Briana is turning 9 months old on Monday, and then it will only be three months until she is a year old.
I was planning on writing this blog until she was a year old, and then changing the name or starting a new blog, since obviously I won’t really be able to claim “new mom” status after my baby turns a year old. Plus, in the future, when I have more babies, having a blog with the url “” may upset my future youngins. 🙂
Anyway. My point is…life is ever changing and passing by unbelievably fast. I’m going to have to work hard to keep up.

Relishing my Quickly Passing “New Mom” Status


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