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It’s been fun!

Published November 5, 2013 by JD61088

Thank you all so much for joining me on my MisAdventures this past year as I figured out how to be a mom without losing my mind, and thank you for supporting me through some rough patches and not running away when I went on rambling rants that didn’t make a whole lot of sense to anyone but me.

I cannot believe that my beautiful daughter is one year old already. It really doesn’t seem like she’s been around for a full year…but at the same time it’s hard to remember what life was like without her, now that my whole world revolves around her. We didn’t do much today to celebrate other than telling her all day “happy birthday” and me crying frequently as I went through practically the whole year of pictures and reminded her frequently that I love her. I rocked her through her entire afternoon nap, both because I know the rocking days are going to end more quickly than I ever thought possible, and because I wanted to be holding her at the exact moment that she had been born a year ago. I’m silly, I know, but I wanted her in my arms, just like she had been a year ago when she was born. I laughed softly to myself at her long legs hanging off of my lap…She certainly has grown in just one year!

We did go out to dinner with my dad to celebrate. My in-laws were supposed to join us, but unfortunately, my mother-in-law had another migraine and wasn’t feeling up to it.

I hope all of you will follow me to my new blog space over at, and that you’ll come give my Facebook page a like at I try to post several times a day on my Facebook page, so even when I miss a couple of weeks with my blog, you can keep up with my cute little kiddo and all her funny moments over there on FB.

If you want to see pictures of Briana’s big day (her birthday party on Saturday) you’ll have to go to the new blog, since this one is now defunct! I’ll post reminders a few times over the next few weeks to go to the new blog, so you don’t miss anything. 🙂

Thank you again for following along. It’s been fun sharing my MisAdventures with you!

No Longer a New Mommy, but always Briana’s Mommy,


P.S. I couldn’t include all of them, but here a few pictures from Briana’s first year of life. Starting with the day she left the hospital, and ending with dinner tonight. 🙂





















































Feeling Nostalgic

Published October 9, 2013 by JD61088

My little baby girl is growing up so fast. I was standing at work today, and I remembered this time last year, when I was so close to my due date. I was so certain I would have her early, even though everyone kept telling me that she would be late because she was my first. I had hit that point midway through October when I was just DONE being pregnant, and I couldn’t wait to have her in my arms instead of kicking me in the ribs. Everyone kept telling me to cherish every moment she was still inside my body, protected from the world, nourished and warm and safe, but all I wanted was to meet her and see her eyes and toes and fingers, to kiss her head and hold her close and tell her that I loved her more than anything in the whole world.

I got all teary eyed at work.

I miss having her with me everywhere I go. I mean, I used to take her to work with me every day, right? It doesn’t matter that she was in my uterus, does it? 🙂

And then she was born, and I was just in awe of this cute little pink creature with her wide blue eyes staring around at the world. But the world suddenly seemed like a scary place to me…germs and sharp edges and choke-sized objects, and chemical cleaners that could be accidentally ingested. I suddenly understood what everyone had been saying before.

Anyway. I know I’ll have that feeling again next time we have a baby, and this time I’ll take the time to cherish it the way that I should have up until the very last day of my pregnancy with Briana.

Speaking of Briana…


My little girl has PERSONALITY. And sometimes ATTITUDE.

I reached out to take a piece of her chicken to nibble on during her lunch today, and she smacked my hand and glared at me. No joke. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing. And yesterday, she was playing with something and I tried to take it away, and she lay down on her back, wrapped her hands and feet around it (a bottle of lotion) and yelled when I tried to take it. It’s so funny how she goes from so sweet and laughing one second to super tired and grumpy and attitude filled the next. I thought mood swings were for teenagers? 🙂

Anyway, for the most part she is still my sweet little smiley child, but there are just a couple of moments every day where I get a glimpse of her daddy’s stubborn streak and my determination all mixed into one, and only one thought crosses my mind: “Uh oh.” Or sometimes “We’re in for it…”


We’re finally getting her settled back into a semi-regular routine now at grandma and grandpa’s house, excepting the fact that she is still waking up in the middle of the night sometimes. She now has a semi-regular wake time, nap time, feeding time, play time schedule. It’s easier to stick to it here for some reason.

Her aunt Sarah bought her one of those Playskool Elephant things that blows multi-colored balls out of its trunk and catches them in its ears so that it can blow them out again. (I tried to post a picture but had trouble. Here’s a link to Wal-Marts website… )

Bri has been having SO much fun with that thing. She’s figured out how to turn it on by herself, and she loves watching it and picking up the balls that fall on the ground and putting them back in the ears…I’ll admit that mom has been having fun playing with it too…Errr….playing with Briana while SHE plays with it. Sure, that’s what I mean. 😀


Anyway. I meant to do this long in-depth blog about Briana, but I’m falling asleep at my keyboard! Some day I’ll have more energy or remember to blog BEFORE work. I’ll try again later this week.

Love from a Tired New Mommy

Briana: Destructo Girl in Disguise

Published September 22, 2013 by JD61088

Is it possible for a baby to reach “Destructive Toddler” status before she has taken her first independent steps? If so, Briana is most definitely there!

I woke up this morning to find that David had dozed off on the couch while watching Briana. I can only assume that’s what happened, because the pile of neatly folded clothes I had left on the couch was strewn all over the floor, the diapers had all been pulled out of the Pampers bag and thrown everywhere, the Playstation controller was covered in drool, her toy bin was upside down (the contents, of course, all over the floor), and the blinds on the sliding glass door were all askew. Quite the little hurricane, my daughter is! 🙂

Setting aside her destructive tendencies (and we all know it’s really exploring and curiosity anyway), I am quite proud of my little munchkin. Her favorite phrase right now is “uh oh” and she says it all the time! With many different meanings. 🙂 “Uh oh” in a questioning tone when she purposefully drops her toy over the side of her car seat, “uh oh” in a firm tone as she knocks over her blocks, “uh oh” said in an actual “uh oh” tone when she knows she’s in trouble for pulling on the blinds or pushing the buttons on Daddy’s PS3 (this kid is GREAT at ejecting DVDs and Blu-Rays), and “uh oh” said in a tone of delight when my in-laws dog sniffs at her toes.

Her vocabulary is small, but I feel like she is really catching on to the rhythm and flow of speech. You can really tell when she is curious about something, because you can hear the questioning note in her “babbling.” And if she’s showing you something, even though it’s a string of random sounds, I swear it’s like she’s telling you about what she’s holding out in front of her. “See mom, this is what this is!” Her exclamations of excitement when she sees the dog have a definite “Look at that mom!!!” sound to them. And she definitely knows what an angry tone is. She doesn’t just immediately dissolve into tears or wailing every time she’s upset now. She screws up her face and frowns and sternly babbles at me. “Deh deh deh DA! Da da da deh deh DA!” Not every time, but sometimes. It makes me laugh.

She loves pushing buttons right now, on remotes or controllers or toys or pretty much anything. She has also discovered that doors are fascinating because they swing/move back and forth. Every time I am holding her and I walk through a doorway, I have to be careful she doesn’t jerk me up short by grabbing onto the door and holding on as tight as she can. She likes to grab the edge of the door and push it and pull it to watch it swing.

She’s eating more “real” food now, and fewer baby purees. Pasta and cheese and chicken and veggies…things that are easy for her to pick up. I got her a “My First Plate Set” at Walmart the other day. It came with a little baby safe fork and spoon. Too cute! She ate her pasta and veggies out of it last night…of course she was eating with her fingers, but she enjoyed chewing on her fork and spoon. 🙂 She has mastered the sippy cup, as well, and will drink from a regular cup if you hold it for her. I have been too afraid to try just handing her a regular cup…she likes to throw things right now, and I don’t think that handing her a grenade filled with liquid would be a good parenting decision!

Briana still isn’t quite walking on her own, but she is needing less and less help every day. The other day she was holding onto just one of my hands and she stood up and took two tiny steps. She loves walking in between David and I, holding onto each of our hands and just going as fast as her little legs can carry her. I think once she realizes she doesn’t need us for balance, we’re going to be doing a lot of running to catch up!

She has figured out how to crawl up onto the couch. I seriously watched her the other day use a stuffed toy as a stepping stool to get herself up easier. Um, excuse me? Slow down a little bit, baby, I’m not ready for this yet! She’s also discovered what fun laundry baskets and empty toy bins are…though I took the laundry basket away after she was sitting in it and it tipped over and she hit her face on the base of the lamp. I felt SO terrible…she still has a mark under her poor little nose.

I’m sure that I’m forgetting a ton of stuff and will think of it later, but this is what currently comes to mind. She is turning one soon! Can you believe it?! I can’t. I’ve been thinking a lot about the day she was born in the last few days. When they took her and put her on my chest that first time, how happy and overwhelmed with love I was. And I look at her now and how much she has grown and changed and…it’s just incredible!

Just a heads up, when she turns one, I’m starting a new blog. I’ve already come up with a name for it and reserved the url, aren’t you proud of me? I used it as a blog title a while back and just really loved it! “Mommyhood in Motion.” What do you think? I haven’t posted anything there yet, but the url is and I plan on starting to blog there instead of here ON her birthday. I am hoping everyone follows me over there! I explained before, but just in case you missed it, I feel like my “new mommy” days are kind of coming to an end. And also, we plan on having more kids…so blogging under the url “” wouldn’t really work out once that happened! You should all go follow the blog now! That way you won’t miss anything when I do the switch in November. 🙂 Hope to see you over there, too!

Still a New Mommy for a Little While Longer







Today was beautiful

Published July 8, 2013 by JD61088

Today should have been hard. I didn’t sleep last night. Not “I had trouble sleeping” or “didn’t sleep well,” just plain old “I didn’t sleep.” I’m not sure why, though I’m leaning towards blaming the abundance of caffeine that I had late in the day yesterday. Whatever the reason though, today should have been a monster, but it wasn’t.

Briana woke up right after David left for work, which isn’t unusual. Her crib is right next to my side of the bed, and when she grinned over at me laying there (wide awake), I started playing peek-a-boo with her with my sheets. She laughed and giggled and just thought that was the greatest thing. And I guess I did doze off for a few moments then, because the next thing I knew I was having to move her crib further away from the window because she was playing with the blinds.

With that done and safely out of the way, I scooped Briana up out of her crib and kissed her face until she could barely breathe for laughing. She squealed and buried her face in my shoulder and just laughed and laughed. It made my heart so happy to hear her laugh like that. Sheer happiness, unchecked. Babies are good reminders for how one should experience joy.

We did the diaper change/wrestling match thing that has become our morning ritual (“No, Briana, lie still for Mommy. No Briana, you can’t grab the dirty diaper. No Briana, please don’t roll over right now!”), and then I gave her a bottle.

I haven’t really gotten into her feeding schedule lately. Bri is really only eating about four 4 ounce bottles a day now, with three solid feedings in there for good measure. If she wakes up in the night (or early hours of the morning), she sometimes ends up having five bottles, but we only make four and then mix more as needed, since otherwise it can go to waste.

Since she was still acting hungry after the bottle, even though it was about 45 minutes earlier than usual, I went ahead and plunked her in her high chair and got her breakfast ready. Oatmeal, fruit, and yogurt. This morning it was mangoes for the fruit, and so far peach yogurt is all I’ve given her. 

Feeding Briana cracks me up. She makes the funniest faces, and the funniest noises, and her face just gets covered in whatever she’s eating, because she is so busy looking around at everything that the spoon frequently hits her cheek instead of her mouth. Feeding time is a fun filled time.

One thing I’ve regretted over the past few weeks is that Briana is too busy to snuggle with me much anymore unless she is really sleepy. But this morning, she wanted to be in my lap, and she just lay there chewing on a toy and reaching up to touch my face every now and again. When she started to get really sleepy again I took her back into the bedroom and got her to go back to sleep. I managed to snag some shut-eye too, but she only slept for an hour or so.

Up we went again. We played and played and laughed and played. We “flew” around the living room, and we knocked things together to make noise, and she cruised all along the furniture and kept trying to step away from the couch and tumbling down and giggling like it was the funniest thing in the world to fall on the carpet. We made a mess and spread all of her toys all over the living room and she crawled from toy to toy to toy faster than I could keep up, lifting each one up to show me before tossing it back on the carpet and crawling to the next. Her energy levels are exhausting, but the sheer delight she takes in everything around her is energizing and fun.

She follows me about the apartment now instead of sitting in the living room and crying when I walk out of the room. I have to be careful when I turn from the dryer with a pile of clean laundry in my arms, or I might step on some tiny fingers. And when I’m in the kitchen, I can’t really cook unless I strap her in her high chair or put her in her activity stand, because I’m afraid I’ll drop something on her by accident and she’ll get burned. Today she “helped” me do the laundry by pulling everything out of the laundry basket while I folded clothes. 🙂

She was just so happy today, and I feel like I was more engaged and energetic with her than I have been in a few weeks – really since I started working again. I’ve been feeling down.

Today wasn’t really abnormal…we always play. But it was such a POSITIVE day, with no meltdowns or crying fits (aside from changing time), and I should have been exhausted and grumpy but I just enjoyed spending time with my little ball of energy before I had to go into work. I felt like I was a good mom today, rather than a depressed mom trying to go through the motions before passing my daughter off to someone else and forcing myself to go to work. I was missing out on the joy because I was focused on the pain of leaving her to go back to work.

Beautiful was just the word that kept coming to mind today when she smiled at me with her cute little one-tooth smile, or laughed with me, or buried her little face against me. “She’s beautiful. Her smile is beautiful. My daughter is beautiful.”

Today was beautiful.

A Beautiful Mommy


These are the only two pictures I managed to get of her today, since she was in perpetual motion!

Trading Nights With Daddy

Published June 7, 2013 by JD61088

After my last post, I sat down and had a heart to heart with my husband. I told him I was exhausted and unable to function. I told him I was starting to have fairly violent feelings toward him at night while I was up with the baby and he was snoozing blissfully. I told him he needed to help me.

And he reluctantly agreed.

Now to be fair, he wasn’t reluctant because he disagreed with my reasoning (we’re both working now, I need sleep too, bla bla bla), it was because he didn’t want to give up his sleep. And really, who does? The important thing is that we’re taking turns now.

Of course, since we decided to take turns, she has been sleeping through the night again. (NOT complaining…I just sort of viciously wanted David to experience just one night of what I have been going through for weeks!)

Anyway. I am still bone tired because I haven’t been able to fall asleep lately. But that’s an issue for another day.

Sleep well, my lovelies.

Briana’s Mommy

Sleeping Like A Baby

Published June 3, 2013 by JD61088

I got very lucky with Briana. She started sleeping at least seven hours a night when she was just 6 weeks old. I mean, the times that she was falling asleep were sometimes taxing (between 1 and 3 in the morning), but I was still able to get a solid night of sleep. And she would wake up, get a fresh diaper and a bottle, and then she would go back to sleep…sometimes until as late as noon.

When she got a bit older, she was sleeping from midnight until 8 or 9. Solid sleep. No nighttime feelings or waking up crying. She slept perfectly.

So, for all intents and purposes, I skipped the fog of sleep deprivation from six weeks on. I was tired, but I felt like I had a pretty good handle on it, and thanked my lucky stars that I was blessed with a good sleeper.

Fast forward to the last month of my life.

It started small…the occasional need to rock Bria a back to sleep after she had been in bed for three hours or so. (She suddenly started falling asleep at ten about a month ago, so this meant rocking her back to sleep at 1 or 2.) I thought this was an aberration. I figured it was because we were getting ready to move and the apartment was chaotic and that the stress was getting to her.

Then we had to take a sudden trip to Oregon for a funeral. Her schedule was totally disrupted, and her routine went out the window, and it didn’t resume when we got back because of having to move a second time – we discovered mold in our apartment.

By the time we were all moved (again), poor Briana was so stressed and confused. And her sleep schedule was shot.

David and I have been able to move her back to going to sleep around ten, and that’s great. But my perfect sleeper is no longer a perfect sleeper. She has changed into a very restless sleeper. And she is waking up several times a night.

I feel exhausted to the point of collapse when I wake up in the morning, and run myself ragged all day trying to keep up with my adorable little crawler. And then, instead of being able to rest, I head to work, and come home and do it all over again.

She’s teething. She’s adjusting to me going back to work. She’s getting used to a new environment.

She’s killing me.

She doesn’t just wake up and go back to sleep when I rock her. She wakes up and stays very alert for between one and three hours, and then cries and cries and cries when you try to lay her back in her crib. So we rock. And rock. And rock. And sing. And rock. And then I collapse back into bed and get maybe two or three hours more sleep before she wakes up hungry. I am getting four hours or less some nights.

So, all of that long winded babble comes to this question: how did you deal with sleep deprivation, when you were basically going and going and going 20 hours a day? I am one of those people who functions best on at least 8 hours of sleep, if not more. I can function on six…or even on four for a day or two. But this has been going on for three weeks now, and I am so tired I am starting to make stupid (highly avoidable) mistakes at work…and that’s not a good sign when I have only been back for two weeks. T

Today I gave incorrect change twice…luckily the customers were nice about it…and totally screwed up on another transaction and had to basically void the whole thing and start over. I am normally not that ditzy…I am good at my job! This while thing is frustrating, and I need some advice.

A Very Tired Mommy

P.S. I can’t do the cry it out method. For one thing, I live in an apartment and we have a roommate, and for two, she’s in our room, so I wouldn’t get any sleep anyway. And frankly, I just can’t because listening to her cry and sound so scared breaks my heart.




Crawling and Screaming and Eating…Oh, my!

Published April 23, 2013 by JD61088

The last few days have been interesting with our little Bri Bee. She is discovering her voice, and is going through that stage I was dreading: the screaming stage. She screams when she wants attention and screams when she is playing and screams for no reason at all…and then giggles. I am doing my best to follow the advice of a friend and not to react to the screaming for fear Briana will think it is a game…but I have gotten a few headaches this week. She has a strong pair of lungs!

Briana has now had the dubious pleasure of eating rice cereal, and has graduated to peas. She didn’t seem overly fond of either one, though David and I have thoroughly enjoyed the faces she makes when we give them to her. We are going to try carrots next. We are sticking to vegetables and cereal for now, because we have been told that if you introduce fruit first it’s a lot harder to introduce veggies. Hopefully that’s good advice.

Briana is blowing me away, growing and learning and changing so much every day. She laughs constantly now, and loves it when people clap – she likes to put her hands on the back of mine while I clap for her, but hasn’t quite figured out how to do it herself yet. It’s so cute! She thinks it’s funny when I laugh, she always starts to laugh, too.

She truly crawled for the first time last night. She had been scooting along the floor for quite a while, but last night I had my iPhone sitting on the floor while I played with her during tummy time, and someone sent me a text. When she saw that screen light up, she went for it! Oh my goodness! It’s very exciting, but terrible timing! Our house looks like a tornado or a hurricane or…a group of rampaging four year olds has recently run through. We are in the middle of moving! Not exactly a baby-proofed environment. All day long today I was saying “no, no, Briana” and “leave that alone Briana.” Luckily nothing untoward happened. The next couple of weeks will be interesting!

Bri has also discovered how fun it is to splash during bath time. David was closest to the splash zone while I was washing her hair, and his shirt got soaked. It made me giggle. He had to take off his glasses when a particularly strong kick gave him a face full of soapy water. 🙂 I am just glad that she still loves baths.

She is starting to sit up unsupported, though she can’t pull herself into a sitting position yet, and she is still pretty wobbly. She tipped over before I could catch her on Saturday and bonked her head on my laptop. I felt terrible, but she let out one little cry and stopped and smiled at me as soon as I picked her up, so I think it hurt me more than it did her. Just another MisAdventure to add to my bag, I suppose.

She is getting a little better with strangers, but still isn’t great. We’re working on it 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot! Briana is starting to learn how to wave “bye bye” to people. I think it’s more her imitating our motion at this point with no understanding of the concept, but it is still super adorable when she waves her arm up and down at you when you wave and say “bye bye!” We get a kick out of it. And I swear she has said “mama” a couple times, but I don’t know…that might be wishful thinking on my part, just random sounds that happened to sound like a word.

Anyway…that’s all I have for you at the moment! Hope it was a tiny bit entertaining for you, folks.

Excited New Mommy


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