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Missy Bri Bee has Personality

Published October 22, 2013 by JD61088

The last couple weeks have been difficult for me. I withdrew emotionally from everyone around me in an effort to hide how deeply I was affected by my grief over the miscarriage. This included Briana. I had a really tough time holding her for a week or so after the miscarriage, because every time I picked her up to cuddle with her, I’d end up crying/sobbing/weeping. I was grumpy at work and grumpy with my husband and just feeling generally angry at everyone and everything.

In the last couple of days, I’ve started to feel better. I realized I missed Briana, and spent most of Sunday and yesterday morning cuddling with her and playing with her and just being a mommy to her. I think she missed me, too, because she let me cuddle with her for quite a bit longer than she does on a normal day. That little girl is usually way too busy exploring everything to want to spend time cuddling. In fact, today, we cuddled a bit, too, but she wanted to play today, and also napped quite a bit.

It feels good to be “back” even though I never really went anywhere. I’m still sad, but I’ve got the sadness under control, and I feel back to my normal self…as normal as I ever am anyway. 🙂

Briana has been cracking me up. She’s getting quite forceful about what she wants and when she wants it, and David and I have been working hard to curb the “attitude” as much as we can. I jokingly told her the other day she has to wait until she’s at least two to start throwing temper tantrums. She laughed like she actually understood what I said and thought that was the funniest thing she had ever heard. Oy. I’m in trouble.

She’s so close to walking. I know I’ve been saying that for a couple of months now, but we’ve been holding our breaths every time she stands without holding onto something. She’ll do it and act like she’s going to take a step, and then she just sits down and we all start breathing again. I so hope that I am home the first time she takes a step. It will break my heart if I miss it.

She has a third tooth now! Her upper left front tooth has come in. We figured out it had come in when she started clicking her teeth together…almost grinding them. It’s the weirdest sound, and I wish she would stop doing it. I don’t know how to get her to stop though, so…oh well? I can’t wait until we can really see it when she smiles. Right now it’s too tiny. I can only really see it when I’m brushing her teeth.

Briana is completely refusing to eat baby food anymore. She starts fussing and crying if you try to feed it to her. She has this attitude that clearly says “I CAN DO IT MYSELF!” The only exception is her yogurt. She’ll still let me feed that to her, because she can’t eat it with her hands. And with some fruit that she has a hard time picking up because it’s slick, she’ll let me put the pieces in her mouth. But she is so over the purees, thank you very much.

She likes to share her food with us, too, but only if SHE hands it to us. God forbid you reach down and take something off of her tray. She glares and slaps your hand. No joke. She is possessive about her food! But if she reaches up to put it in your mouth, it’s fine, and hilarious. She always smiles and laughs when we let her do it.

One mealtime battle we’ve been fighting is trying to prevent her from throwing food over the side of her high chair for the dog. And keeping her from throwing her sippy cup over the side. She’s nearly brained the poor dog a couple of times, because Faith’ll be sitting there expectantly waiting for food to fall from the sky, and a sippy cup comes flying at her instead. Briana understands that she isn’t supposed to do this. I’ve caught her doing it when my back is turned, and if I turn around and catch her, she smiles at me and puts the food back on her tray.

No one warned me keeping a straight face was so freakin’ hard when you’re trying to be stern with your nearly one year old daughter! And who teaches these babies how to perfect their “I’m so innocent and cute” looks at such a young age?!

And then I feel like such a jerk when I get stern and her face gets all sad and she fusses. She’s got me wrapped around her little finger, but I’m being consistent anyway. I know that’s the most important thing!

I’ve been really concerned about the whole discipline thing. I mean, obviously discipline hasn’t really been an issue as of yet, and right now it’s pretty simple. But once she gets older, it’ll be harder. I guess I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing until it stops working?

Anyway, I’m learning new things every day, just like she is.

We’re going to take her to the pumpkin farm on Thursday. I am super excited, because she wasn’t born until after Halloween last year, so this is the last First Holiday she will experience. She was still a newborn for Thanksgiving and Christmas and such last year, but she DID experience them (well, slept through them anyway), so Halloween is the last big one left! Of course, Thanksgiving and Christmas will probably be more fun this year since she’ll be awake and interested in what is happening. 🙂

I’ll be sure to come back and post pictures.

Briana’s birthday is two weeks from today, and her birthday party is on the 9th. It’s going to be Baby Minnie Mouse themed, and we’ve already purchased (and or been given) nearly everything we need for the party. I’m so excited! I’ll post lots of pictures of the party and decorations!

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Improving as a New Mom










General updates about Bri-Bee!

Published February 13, 2013 by JD61088

I always seem to start my blogs by saying that I meant to blog sooner. It’s repetitive and boring, and obvious. I’ll try to be more entertaining.

Briana is doing fabulously. I can’t believe how fast she is growing, learning, and changing. David and I were talking about how she is so fascinated by things around her, whether it be a reflection in a window, light playing off of a shiny surface, someone making a noise she has never heard, or the pattern on a particular blanket. Everything is new to her, so everything amazes her.

She still isn’t in love with tummy time, but she tolerates it more now. She seems to be right on the verge of crawling already. This is both exciting and terrifying, given that once she is mobile, I will have not a single moment of peace…Maybe I’ll fashion an ankle bracelet with bells for her, so I can at least keep track of her. She is such a little adventurer, I know she is going to give me heart palpitations.

She can almost sit up, as well. In fact, if she is propped on our arm, she can pull herself the rest of the way up. She did it in her sleep the other night. She was laying on her back on David’s left arm and, still 100% asleep, she flipped over to his right arm, ending up on her stomach. It made us laugh.

She supports her full weight on her legs. A couple of weeks ago, I was holding her waist as she sat in my lap, and she pushed herself up onto her feet, and then grinned at me like “Ha! Mommy! I stood up! Yay me!” And then she giggled and bent her knees and sat down and looked surprised, like “Whoa, Mom. What just happened?” She does that a lot now, except her look of surprise when she sits down has changed to grins and giggles. “I meant to do that Mom, aren’t I funny?”

She “talks” almost constantly now. As I type this, I am having a “conversation” with her while she sits in her daddy’s lap. She mostly says “oh! oh! oh! ooh! ah! ah! ah! ooooh!” But she throws in the occasional “Waaaaooooooooooooh” or a scream of pure delight just to keep things entertaining. I talk back to her, and laugh with her, and tickle her. Sometimes I imitate her, which makes her giggle, and sometimes I make up stories and pretend she is contributing. Either way makes her happy!

I love how excited Briana gets when her daddy starts talking to her. When he gets home from work I usually hand her over so he can say hi, and her whole face just lights up like “Hey, I know you! You’re awesome! You fly me around the living room and tell me I’m a princess!”

I still haven’t gotten her to sleep in her crib for more than a half hour or so at a time. She still sleeps in her Fisher Price Rock ‘n’ Play Sleeper in by our bed. Sometimes she sleeps in her crib for a nap. David and I want to move her crib into our room. I’m not ready to have her sleeping in another room yet. I know, I know…if I wasn’t a new mommy! But I am, and I’m not ready, so hush!

We have started (very slowly) transitioning to formula. She gets six-ounce bottles now, and one ounce of that is formula. I wanted to do breast milk exclusively until she could start getting solid foods, but since I am pumping and not breastfeeding, it got to be a bit too much. It really isn’t fun when your nipples are cracked and bleeding and sore to the touch from using the pump every five hours all day (and night) long. Now I pump only three times a day. Relief, relief, relief! And since we are transitioning slowly, she’ll still be getting breast milk for another month and a half, two months. Maybe more, I don’t know. We’ll see how my supply holds up only pumping three times a day, and how well she does when we start upping the amount of formula she is getting in her bottle. Since we started adding an ounce of formula to her bottle, she has actually not been spitting up as much. So far so good!

I think my favorite thing Briana is doing now (other than her burying her face in my neck and falling asleep) is holding onto her toys and chewing on them. (Her two top front teeth are coming in already…yikes.) She is so cute waving them around and shaking them and feeling the different textures.

Anyway, baby is crying so I have to cut this short. I’ll have to come back and post pictures later! We’ll end it saying that being a stay at home mom is awesome! I’m so glad I made this decision.

A Happy New Stay at Home Mommy!



Merry Christmas!

Published December 25, 2012 by JD61088

I haven’t blogged in a while, mostly because I have been busy, but there was an element of laziness as well. This won’t be a long blog either. I am mainly just checking in.

Briana is growing and changing in leaps and bounds. She smiles and coos constantly now, and she is right on the brink of laughing out loud, I swear! Every time my little girl smiles at me it just melts my heart. She is also sleeping more at night – most of the time anyway.

On Thursday, I went with my mother-in-law down to Ione, Oregon to surprise Briana’s great-grandparents with a visit. Grandma Rosie’s reaction was absolutely precious…I will never forget the look on her face when she saw Briana in the car. David couldn’t come, but I recorded it with my phone’s camera, and he loved it!

I was very surprised that David said I could take Bri and head down there without him. He really missed her, but he also really wanted to make sure that Bri met her great-grandparents before they passed away. Their health has been failing over the past couple of years. Now we have pictures of them holding her, and that was really important to David.

That may seem morbid, but it’s true…David only has one picture of his great-grandfather holding him when he was a little baby. Hopefully Rosie and Richard will live for a long time yet. 🙂 I was lucky enough to have a lot of time with my great-grandparents.

Anyway, I feel like I am not making much sense. I promise I am not giving up on my blog. I am going to try to write more often…if I can find the time.

Just a New Mommy




It’s not all bad…

Published November 25, 2012 by JD61088

I realized last night that most of my blogs have been complaints about the terrible nights with Briana, and complaints about breastfeeding. Of course, being Briana’s mommy is not all terrible moments. The terrible moments are far outweighed by the happy moments, proud moments, and moments of amazement.

I knew that time would fly once she was born, but I hadn’t fully grasped what that meant until I brought her home. When she was born, she was already holding her head up a bit for a few seconds at a time. As wobbly as it was, it was still pretty amazing, considering how tiny she was. Now, she is twenty days old already, and holds her head up and looks around, and pushes herself further up your chest with her feet. She is awake for longer stretches every day, looking around at the world with her daddy’s beautiful eyes. She is fascinated by lights, and it’s pretty fun to watch her stare at nothing on a wall and try to figure out what caught her attention. And I swear she grows bigger and stronger every single second of the day! I can’t believe how much she has grown already. I almost cried last night. I was looking at her and I started to get misty eyed. David asked why and I said “She’s getting so big already! I’m not ready for her to get big yet!” Lucky for me, my husband is a nice guy, and he didn’t laugh at me. He just put his arms around me and told me that we “have quite a while with her yet.” What I thought in response, but didn’t say, was “Not so long…it’s gonna fly.”

I love being a mom, and I love being a “family” instead of a “couple.” I love watching my baby sleep, and rocking her, and kissing her little face. (And watching her facial expressions after I cover her face with kisses isn’t such a bad thing either…she always looks confused. :)) I love how every moment brings something new or precious or unexpected. I love watching David take delight in her every action, and I love listening to him talk to her and praise her and watch his face as he watches her. I love how much love has entered our lives since Briana was born.

Life as a mommy is pretty amazing, and I am so excited to experience all of it, whether good or bad.

Amazed New Mommy

Day 3 Without Daddy: Not Over Yet…but going well!

Published November 21, 2012 by JD61088

I don’t know what happened! I didn’t do anything differently, or try anything new. She just settled in and slept. I fed her at about 1:00, and she fell asleep at 1:30. David and I got into bed, and I commented to him that I probably would get about half an hour of sleep before she started screaming. We kind of laughed in a resigned sort of way, and then we were both out like lights.

I woke up at 2:30 and checked on her. She was sound asleep. Hmmm…I was surprised, but I wasn’t going to mess with a good thing! So I went back to sleep…and proceeded to wake up every half hour or so, wondering if she was still breathing. She slept until 4:30! And then, since I was awake before she was, I was able to feed her before she had worked herself up to a screaming fit, and she had a wonderfully easy feeding. I changed her diaper, burped her, and didn’t even have to rock her. She fell asleep in the middle of a giant (and kind of gross) burp. How does one manage to fall asleep in the middle of a burp anyway?
She was asleep again by 5AM, and I was asleep again before 5:15.

Hallelujah for small favors. Or rather, big ones. After one night of good sleep, I feel SO much better.

Before we got to the whole getting into bed portion of the evening, I was talking to my husband about whether or not I was going to keep breastfeeding. I asked him what he thought I should do, and he said it was completely up to me. “They’re your boobs, honey.” He asked me what I thought.

Surprisingly, I felt very torn. The frustrating night feeding sessions had me at my wits end. But when I was feeding her during the day yesterday, and she was looking up at me with those beautiful big eyes of hers, and her hand wrapped around one of my fingers, my heart just melted, and I understood why people say that breastfeeding is such a great bonding experience. I told David that during the day, breastfeeding wasn’t bad, at least when she latched on properly. It was nighttime feedings that were so hard, that made me dread feeding her. Maybe it is just because we are both so sleepy when I try to feed her at night that we both have such a difficult time.

David suggested I stick with breastfeeding for at least one more week and see how I feel about it then. I think that’s a good suggestion. In the meantime, I will try not to complain about breastfeeding so much. I can’t promise I won’t vent after a particularly frustrating session, though. 😛 At least I know she is getting enough to eat…I pumped yesterday just to see how much she was getting, and she is getting quite a lot. One thing the lactation nurse said at the hospital (to David) was “You chose a good mate. This woman is built for breastfeeding!” Haha…The strangest compliment to my breasts I’ve ever received, but certainly in better taste than most things I’ve heard shouted at me when I’m walking down the street.

Anyway, Briana is sleeping peacefully here, much less fussy than yesterday. We were actually awake to greet Daddy when he came home on his lunch! What an amazing thing.

Thanks for all the encouragement you guys have been giving me. I never thought my blog would be a place that I went to get help. You are all awesome. 🙂

This is the picture I put on her birth announcements that I ordered yesterday. I’m so excited to be able to mail them out!

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