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When she laughs, I can’t help but laugh with her.

Published August 24, 2013 by JD61088

Tonight, I got to put my little girl to bed. It’s been a couple of weeks. Between work and running around shopping and doing errands on my days off, I haven’t been home to put her to bed. Out of all the things I regret most about going back to work, I’d have to say losing that special Mommy-Briana time is in the top three.

Tonight, I was being a terrible mommy, getting her all riled up before bedtime…but I was just so excited and happy to be home this evening, I didn’t care. I wanted to hear her laugh. (I’d been home all day making her laugh, but I wanted to hear her laugh more!) I tickled her and hugged her and swung her all about the room. I held her upside down and made faces at her. I used my hair to tickle her face. (That always gets instant laughs from her, she thinks it is just the funniest thing ever.) I sat on the couch and made a tunnel for her with my legs, as she is big on going under anything right now, and she kept going back and forth and giggling like crazy.

David was shaking his head at me and kept saying “I’m glad you’re putting her to bed tonight!” I just laughed and said “I know what I’m doing. She’ll go right to sleep.”

I kept it up until 7:00, and we were both laughing so hard at one point we were out of breath. She is just so darn cute when she laughs. She has the most infectious little laugh. I dare you to hear her laugh and not laugh with her. Anyway, at 7 we stopped playing because it was time for me to eat dinner. She kept playing with her toys on the floor, but I was fully absorbed in eating my salmon, rice pilaf, and salad. (YUM.)

David predicted it would take me forever to get her to sleep, but she was rubbing her eyes and I knew just what to do. I scooped her up and walked into the bedroom with her. She was squirming and wiggling and smiling and waving like crazy at no one in particular, and David shook his head again and smiled at me like I was in for a rough night.

I got her into the bedroom at 8:10. I cradled her close and smelled her freshly washed hair and whispered “It’s bedtime baby girl.” I hummed a lullaby. I rocked her for a minute, then did a loose swaddle with her favorite pink giraffe blankie and rocked her for a minute more. At 8:16 I put her down, fast asleep, in her crib. I kissed her little forehead and told her I loved her. I watched her sleep for a moment, and then I tiptoed out of the room.

Mama’s still got it! (Funny thing, David didn’t say anything about how fast she had gone to sleep! :))

I love being a mom. I just absolutely adore it. There’s no greater feeling in all the world than cradling your baby close like that! (Well, except maybe to hear her laugh!)

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