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Mid-Move Blog Post

Published October 3, 2013 by JD61088

You know, when I was a kid, I liked moving. I liked packing up all my stuff in boxes labeled “books” or “toys” or “journals.” Of course, when I was a kid, my room was the only room that I was responsible for packing. It’s much less fun when you are expected to pack up everything in the apartment. It doesn’t help that we have moved…7 times in the last 6 years. Seriously! This is the SEVENTH time we’ve moved! Ugh. When we get our own place in the next 8 months or so, I am going to make sure we get a place that we can stay for a least three or four years. I am so sick of moving!

We haven’t really been able to settle in yet. There was a miscommunication about when we would be moving in…I said “We’ll start moving in on the first, and I want to be done by the fifth.” My in-laws heard “We’ll move in on the fifth.” So they didn’t really have anything ready in our room when we started bringing stuff over. So right now we’re sort of stuck waiting until they have time to put the new shelves out in the garage and get things organized. It’s a little bit of a bummer because I had yesterday and today off work and was hoping to get the bulk of the move done this week. Hopefully by my days off next week, they’ll be all set,and we can get down to it and get it done.

Briana is handling the whole thing like a champ. I don’t think she really gets what is going on, but we’ve managed not to disrupt her routine, so she’s perfectly happy. She’s loving all the extra space to move and crawl and explore…she finds about ten new things a day that we don’t want her getting into…we need to baby proof everything.

My sister-in-law and I took her with us when we took the dog for a walk today. Briana sat up on my shoulders, all bundled up against the fall chill and looking absolutely adorable!



It wasn’t a very long walk, but that’s okay. Bri loves to be outside anyway.

I can’t believe that she will be 11 months old in just two days! And then she’s just one month away from her first birthday! My goodness! Where has the time gone?

I’ll try to do a more complete update about Bri on the 5th. Right now it’s dinner time for me…I haven’t eaten much today, Bri has kept me busy!

Busy New Mama


The Ongoing Tornado That is My Life

Published September 22, 2013 by JD61088

I was looking around our somewhat tiny apartment last night, thinking about our previous apartment with it’s beautiful open floor plan, high ceilings, spacious kitchen, utility room, and third bedroom. Moving out of our old apartment complex and into this one was incredibly hard. I had dreamed of living in a place that nice for a very long time. Not that our current place is unpalatable or anything…if I had never lived in Wildreed Apartments, I wouldn’t think there was anything wrong with our current apartment at all. But I did live there, and this apartment feels like a definite step down. That being said, it’s still our apartment with our rules, our belongings, and our space. And now we have to let this apartment go as well.

David has been on medical leave since July. I’ve been trying not to really get into it, because it’s not really something I’m prepared to share details about, but I can no longer keep it off of my blog, because it’s really affecting our lives in a major way. Since he is unable to work for the foreseeable future, and we have run through all of his vacation pay and have yet to see a cent from his short term disability pay, and I make much less money than he does and only work 30 hours a week…we’re worse than broke. We’re in the hole.

(And let me head off all of the “well then why did you go to Disney World” questions with a couple of statements: a) we finished paying for that long before David went on leave and the food and hotel and transportation are all included in what we paid for, so we literally spent less than 100 dollars the entire week we were there, b) the doctor said she thought it would be a good thing for David to take this trip, and c) I looked into canceling the trip, and we would have lost so much money by the time we knew we were in a bind that it wouldn’t have made a difference…the plane tickets were non-refundable, and that was 1000 dollars I wasn’t willing to lose, add in the penalties for canceling so close to the trip and I just felt it wasn’t worth it. Oh, and let’s not forget that even if we hadn’t gone on the trip, and gotten what little money back that we could, it wouldn’t make a difference: we’d still be losing the apartment.)

We are moving in with my in-laws.

I love my husbands family, and I love that they love us enough to help us out right now when we really have no other options. I’m extremely grateful. And incredibly depressed. We lived with my in-laws before when we were just starting out, and I learned something about myself that I hadn’t ever really realized before: I’m an incredibly independent person who bristles at depending on someone other than my husband and myself for food and shelter. I’m sure that I’m not alone in that.

Even setting that aside, moving back in with them, even temporarily, feels like such a step back in our life journey. I hate that we have a child and we’re having to move back in with my husbands folks. It feels like we’re failing our daughter in such a fundamental necessity: provide her with shelter. We won’t be providing the shelter anymore. And while in the long run, who provides the shelter isn’t anywhere near as important as the fact that she HAS shelter, doesn’t make it feel any better.

This is supposed to be extremely temporary: ideally 6 months, and no longer than 8 months…TOPS. Just long enough for David to get back on his feet and back to work, and then we’ll find our own place again, sans roommate this time, and actually, for the first time since six months into our marriage, have a place that is just ours – just my husband, myself, and my daughter.

I’m feeling wary about moving back in there for other reasons, too. I’m worried there will be clashes about parenting stuff. I’m incredibly insecure, in a lot of areas of my life, but one thing I stand firm on is what I want for Briana, and what I don’t want. Moving in with her grandparents is going to be hard, because I’m worried there will be disagreements, and I don’t want it to turn into a battle or anything. Before, it was just me and David. I’m not sure how adding Briana in is going to change the dynamic of us living there, or if it will at all. I’m a worrier…so even though I know I shouldn’t create trouble where there might be none at all, I’m worried anyway!

Anyway. I’m trying to look at this as an opportunity to not only catch up, but to pay off some of our credit card debt and get our finances in a better place so that we can start saving for a house. We had already decided that this is what we wanted to do before I finally admitted to myself we couldn’t hold onto the apartment any longer. So I’m trying to view it as a stepping stone to being debt free, rather than viewing it as a step back in time. Trying being the keyword there: I haven’t fully convinced myself yet.

Sorry for the long rant. I’ll write a Briana Update Blog soon, I promise.

Defeated Mommy

A Quick Little Update

Published May 30, 2013 by JD61088

Since we have been gearing up for and/or actually moving, I haven’t been able to post in almost a month! I figured I had better get in here and let you all know we’re all still here.

Bri has changed and grown in leaps and bounds! At her six month appointment she weighed in a 16 pounds 2 ounces and measured in at 26.75 inches long. Insane! My grandma used to tell us when we were kids that she was going to put a brick on our heads to keep us from growing. Can’t Bri stay little for just a little longer? 🙂

She crawls around so fast now, I can hardly keep up, and she is trying so hard to pull herself up on furniture – thank goodness she isn’t there yet! She can push herself into a sitting position from her stomach, but can’t pull herself up into a sitting position from her back yet. She loves solid foods, and her menu now consists of oat cereal, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, apples, peaches, peas, and (by necessity, unfortunately) prunes. Next up on her list is green beans. 🙂

She just finished transitioning to formula today. She’s on the Enfamil Gentlease Formula. I wanted to keep pumping but it was becoming impractical…especially with me going back to work at a grocery store where my schedule changes constantly. I know I have the right to pump at work, but I just wasn’t comfortable with that. Besides, I feel like pumping and giving her breast milk exclusively for 6 months and getting breast milk mixed with formula almost to seven months was a pretty big accomplishment. With my next baby, I am hoping to breast feed truly, instead of giving up after three weeks. Then maybe I will make it to the year mark like I had hoped to with Bri.

With the move and everything else going on, her sleep schedule has been a bit wonky. She had been falling asleep at ten every night and sleeping until 7 or 8, but now she falls asleep at ten and wakes up every couple of hours. We are hoping her schedule smooths out again as she gets used to her new home and all the new sounds.

I am no longer a stay at home mommy, unfortunately. I do feel blessed (or lucky, or whatever you prefer) to have been able to be a SAHM for 6 1/2 months of Bri’s first year of life, but I really wish it could have been more permanent. I loved it, even when my patience with her wore thin, it was the best, because I seriously felt like its what I was supposed to be!

But finances told me otherwise, so I applied at my old job (but at a location closer to home) and was hired back. Saturday was my first day, and I cried so hard before I left for work… Even though it was only a four hour shift, it felt like the end of such a special thing. 😦

Anyway, this was supposed to be a quick update, and I am blabbering on and on!

My Internet services have not been turned on here yet, so I can’t blog properly until that happens. Hopefully it will be within a week. I can’t wait to get back into blogging regularly, or at least semi-regularly. I miss it!






Random Things To Share…

Published April 30, 2013 by JD61088

I haven’t forgotten my blog, I promise. It just seems that everything is happening all at once, very quickly, and I have been too stressed and busy to sit down and really write a good one. So you’ll have to settle for a quick one. 🙂 It’s all very random and will jump from subject to subject, so have patience!

Briana has been making me laugh lately. She has this cute face she makes that reminds me of when an old lady smiles without her dentures in, and it always cracks me up. And since she loves it when she gets a reaction out of me, she makes the face all the time, so she and I have been smiling and laughing a lot in the last week or so.

Bri eats rice cereal every morning now (some mornings she eats less than others, but as long as she’s eating it, I’m a happy camper), and she eats carrots or peas in the afternoon. Mostly carrots, because it’s easier to get her to eat them. David is better at getting her to eat her cereal than I am, so I think we’re going to start doing carrots in the morning and cereal in the afternoon. She doesn’t know the difference between breakfast and lunch, so I don’t see why the time of day really matters. When we take her in for her six month appointment (!) on Monday, I’m going to ask the doctor if we can try oat or barley cereal, as she doesn’t really like the rice cereal…I can’t blame her. I’ve tried it, and it’s gross, lol. I love that she is eating solids now. It’s funny to see her reactions to new tastes. Don’t worry, I only introduce one new food at a time, and give her the same food for a week or so before we try a new one. My husband and I both have food allergies, so we’re being obsessively careful about it.

Briana has a sudden fascination with cords, and I never really appreciated how many cords my apartment contained until I was trying to keep a baby away from them. After we move, we’ll definitely have to rethink the set up and placement of our power cords! I can’t leave her alone for two seconds anymore, because she goes straight for them, and the cords go straight into her mouth. Yikes! I should have thought of it before now, but she wasn’t so mobile before…Every day she moves a little faster! It seems like just a couple of days ago, I could leave her on the floor on a blanket and she would still be laying there when I came back! Now as soon as I lay her down anywhere, she rolls onto her tummy and then takes off! It’s adorable and cute and terrifying all at the same time. I miss knowing where she was at every waking moment.

I have been feeling pretty overwhelmed lately. The household stuff is getting out of hand because every time I try to start to clean something up, Briana needs me for something. And when I get one thing done, something else pops up. And we’re supposed to move in two weeks, and I’ve only gotten a grand total of two boxes packed. Ugh! Time keeps slipping away from me. Moving day is going to get here, and we’re not going to be able to move because all I have packed is two boxes of books. I thought moving while pregnant was hard….how am I supposed to move with a baby needing me all the time?  At least while I was pregnant she couldn’t cry or scream at me for attention when I was supposed to be packing…just kick me in the ribs a lot. 🙂

Anyway, enough complaining. I know I’ll get it all figured out, I just feel like the mess is crazy right now, and with Briana being more mobile every day, mess is the last thing I need in my life.

I promise I won’t forget to blog. The blogs just might be a little farther apart at the moment, since I’ve got so much on my plate right now with the move and everything. Anyone have any tips for moving with an infant?!

Overwhelmed New Mommy

Carrot Face David and Bri Mary and Briana Ducky Dress

Carrot Face, Sleeping on a Walk with Daddy, and a bad picture of her Funny Face

Moving and Saving

Published April 7, 2013 by JD61088

When we moved into our current apartment, I was 4 months pregnant with Briana. We moved here because I wanted her to have a nice place to live, in a safer apartment complex than the one we were living in before, and I wanted Briana to have her own room and a lot of room to play.

I love this apartment. Right after my husband and I got married, we lived near here, and I would walk by these apartments and dream about living somewhere this nice. I was so excited when we moved here. It was literally a dream come true!

So, now, we are moving, and I feel so sad. This is Briana’s first home, where she came when we brought her home from the hospital. This is where she learned how to roll over and grab things and the place where I first saw her beautiful smile and heard her adorable giggle. We fed her rice cereal here and watched her start to scoot all over the floor…she will probably be crawling before we move.

Moving is going to save us a ton of money and enable us to do things that we can’t afford right now. It is also a step toward saving the money we need to be able to get a house. It’s the right decision. And I do know that…but I feel a little bit heartbroken to leave this particular dream behind for a different one.

I told David I want to take a bunch of pictures of our apartment before we start to pack. Maybe Briana won’t care, but I want her to know what her first home looked like, that mommy and daddy and uncle AJ worked so hard to get for her, that mommy and daddy brought her home to.

By the time she is old enough to understand, we will hopefully be in a house and the whole thing will be pretty silly. But I will take the pictures anyway. We were happy here, even when we were only hanging on by the skin of our teeth. Good memories to share down the road.

Sappy New Mommy




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